Biology: Physiology

How do all of our body parts and systems work together to keep us alive?

While anatomy is all about form, physiology is about function, exploring how living things work. Emmanuel's physiology concentration is designed for students interested in a focused study of human physiology - our circulatory, respiratory, hematologic, immunologic, digestive, skeletal, nervous, muscular systems and more. In addition, students will perform in depth investigation into metabolic processes and the stress of exercise.

Major Requirements

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B.S. in Biology with Concentration in Physiology

Requirements for Concentration

  • BIOL2135 Anatomy and Physiology I with lab
  • BIOL2137 Anatomy and Physiology II with lab
  • BIOL2113 Human Nutrition
  • BIOL3151 Exercise Physiology with lab
  • BIOL4194/95 Research Internship in the Natural Sciences I & II OR
  • INT3211 Experiential Internships in the Natural Sciences (with permission of instructor; a one-semester experience with approved research component)
  • One upper-level biology elective that must be at the 3000-level and cover category 1

Learning Goals & Outcomes

At the completion of a degree from the Biology Department, the student will have:

  • Understand fundamental concepts in biology
  • Have the capacity to use and critically evaluate scientific knowledge
  • Be able to collaborate with others to find insightful solutions to problems
  • Appreciate how biology relates to important issues that affect society through ethical and moral awareness
  • Have working knowledge of biological lab techniques, lab safety, experimental design and data analysis