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Rebecca Hehn

Rebecca Hehn

Lecturer, Department of Mathematics

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Office: Eisner Administration Building, Room 421-D


B.A., Boston University
M.A., University of California, Berkeley


Rebecca Hehn joined the Mathematics Department in Fall 2019. She attended Boston University as an undergrad, and The University of California, Berkeley, for graduate school, where she studied Biostatistics. Upon graduation, she worked right down the street from Emmanuel, at Boston Children’s Hospital, where she worked as a Biostatistician and collaborated with MDs to publish several medical papers. Following her time at Boston Children’s, she moved to New York City and worked as an Associate Research Scientist at New York University before ultimately joining the Statistics Faculty at The University of Virginia, where she taught Biostatistics for 3 years. Originally from Massachusetts, she transitioned back to the Boston area and began teaching at Emmanuel College. 

What I Love about Emmanuel:

Some of the many reasons she loves teaching at Emmanuel are the inquisitive students, the wonderful faculty in the Mathematics Department, and the small class sizes, which facilitate getting to provide students with more personalized attention. While her main focus here is teaching Statistics classes, she also teaches College Algebra.

Courses I Teach

  • MATH1101: College Algebra
  • MATH1117: Introduction to Statistics
  • MATH1118: Introduction to Statistics with R
  • MATH4101: SAS Programming

Journal Papers:
  • Holder-Niles, F., D’Couto, L., Hehn, R., Graham, D., Wu, A., Cox, J. 2017. Coordinated Asthma Program Associated with Improved Asthma Outcomes in High-Risk Children. Clinical Pediatrics, 0009922817705186.
  • Kapphahn, C.J., Graham, D.A., Woods, E.R., Hehn, R., Mammel, K.A., Forman, S.F., Fisher, M., Robinson, K.A., Rome, E.S., Hergenroeder, A. 2017. Effect of hospitalization on weight restoration in youth with restrictive eating. Journal of Adolescent Health.
  • Starmer, A.J., Schnock, K.O., Lyons, A., Hehn, R.S., Graham, D.A., Keohane, C., Landrigan, C.P. 2017. Effects of the I-PASS Nursing Handoff Bundle on Communication Quality and Workflow. BMJ Quality & Safety, bmjqs-2016.
  • Vadva, Z., Nurko, S., Hehn, R., Vargas, S. 2016. Rectal suction biopsy in patients with previous anorectal surgery for Hirschsprung disease. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition.
  • Hehn, R. S. 2016. NHANES data support link between handling of thermal paper receipts and increased urinary bisphenol A excretion. Environmental Science & Technology, 50(1), 397-404.
  • Shafer, K. M., Mann, N., Hehn, R., Ubeda Tikkanen, A., Valente, A.M., Geva, T., Rhodes, J. 2015. Relationship between exercise parameters and noninvasive indices of right ventricular function in patients with biventricular circulation and systemic right ventricle. Congenital Heart Disease, 10(5), 457-465.
  • Monge, M.C., Forman, S.F., McKenzie, N.M., Rosen, D.S., Mammel, K.A., Callahan, S.T., Hehn, R., Rome, E.S., Kapphahn, C.J., Carlson, J.L., Romano, M.E. 2015. Use of psychopharmacologic medications in adolescents with restrictive eating disorders: analysis of data from the National Eating Disorder Quality Improvement Collaborative. Journal of Adolescent Health, 57(1), 66-72.
  • Forman, S.F., McKenzie, N., Hehn, R., Monge, M.C., Kapphahn, C.J., Mammel, K.A., Callahan, S.T., Sigel, E.J., Bravender, T., Romano, M., Rome, E.S. 2014. Predictors of outcome at 1 year in adolescents with DSM-5 restrictive eating disorders: report of the National Eating Disorders Quality Improvement Collaborative. Journal of Adolescent Health, 55(6), 750-756.
  • Shakti, D., Hehn, R., Gauvreau, K., Sundel, R.P., Newburger, J.W. 2014. Idiopathic pericarditis and pericardial effusion in children: contemporary epidemiology and management. Journal of the American Heart Association, 3(6), e001483.

Conference Presentations:

  • Hehn, R. 2018. Authentic Learning through Virtual Symposiums. Presented at the University of Virginia’s Innovations in Pedagogy Summit. Charlottesville, VA.
  • Hehn, R. 2018. Statistics Virtual Symposiums. Presented at the University of Virginia’s Teaching with Technology Summit. Charlottesville, VA.
  • *D’Couto, H., Haynes, L., Hehn, R., Huntington, N., Cox, J., Holder-Niles, F. 2014. Team-based asthma care: Improving the health of vulnerable patients. Presented at the Pediatric Academic Society. Vancouver, BC.
  • Hehn, R. 2013. NHANES data support link between handling of thermal paper receipts and increased urinary bisphenol a excretion. Presented at Environmental Health 2013. Boston, MA.
  • *Ziniel, S., Wagner, J., Hehn, R., Groves, R., Holm, I. 2013. An evaluation of alternative indicators for the risk of nonresponse bias for a mail survey with a nonresponse follow-up. Presented at the American Association for Public Opinion Research. Boston, MA.

    *presented by co-author

Conference Posters

  • *D’Couto, H., Grant, R., Hehn, R., Beauregard, M., Cheek, S., Cox, J. 2013. A model for population management of pediatric asthma. Presented at the Primary Care Innovations Conference. Boston, MA.
  • *Daniel, D., Hehn, R., Starmer, A., Landrigan, C. 2015. Time-motion analysis of pediatric intern activities during day and night shifts. Presented at the Pediatric Academic Society. San Diego, CA.

    *presented by co-author

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