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Javier F. Marion

Associate Professor of History

Contact Information

617 264-7638

Office Hours

Office: Administration Building, Room 360

Office hours: By appointment


Ph.D. History, B.A. Anthropology, University of New Mexico

What I Love About Emmanuel: 

I love the inclusive and reflective approach to learning at the College. I also love its strategic location in the heart of the Fenway with access to museums, neighboring institutions of higher learning, and historical districts that encourage experiential learning opportunities.

Courses I Teach

  • HIST2122 - History of Colonial Latin America
  • HIST2125 - History of Modern Latin America
  • HIST2130 - Introduction to Environmental History
  • HIST2701 - Historical Methods & Research
  • HIST3121 - Surviving Columbus: 500 Years of Indigenous History
  • HIST3205 - Themes in the American West
  • HIST3225 - Themes in Latin American History
  • HIST4000 - Historiography Seminars

Publications + Presentations

Selected Publications 

  • "Andean Identity and Historical Agency" in Cultural History of Latin America, Carlos Salomon (ed.), (Routledge Press, 2017).
  • "Nascent Nations: The Ayopaya Rebellion and the Forging of the Bolivian State, 1800-1830," (forthcoming book manuscript)
  • "Forging a Guerilla Nation," Gender and Race, Empire and a Nation: A Documentary History on the Making of Latin America, eds. Erin E. O'Connor and Leo J. Garofalo, (Prentiss Hall, 2010)
  • "Indios Blancos: Nascent Polities and Social Convergence in Bolivia's Ayopaya Rebellion, 1814-1821," Colonial Latin American Historical Review, vol. 15, no. 4 (Fall/Otõno 2006)

Selected Presentations/Panels 

  • "Imagining Juana Asurdui: Identity and Genealogical Alignments," New England Historical Association (NEHA) Conference, Emmanuel College (April 2021). 
  • “Reconstructing Juana Asurdui: Gender, Community, and Political Identity in the Age of Revolution” in Faculty Research Series, Emmanuel College, Boston (November 2017).
  • "Yampara Identity and Historical Agency: The Jumbate and the Tarabuco Pujllay," New England Historical Association (NEHA) Conference, Salem State University (April 2017).
  • "Loyalism, Liberalism, and Revolutions: The Cádiz Court and Latin American Independence," in series of conferences entitled "Art, History, Politics and the Beginning of Modernity in the Hispanic World," Emmanuel College, Boston, (Oct., 2009)
  • "'Tending to their Fields,' Community and Political Legitimacy in Sicasica, 1814-1818," American Historical Association (AHA/ CLAH), Washington DC, (Jan., 2008)
  • "Che and Bolivia's Guerrilla Nationalism," in "Che: the Man, the Myth, the Brand," presented by the Latin American Studies Minor, Emmanuel College, Boston, (Nov., 2007)
  • "El Diario del 'Tambor Várgas': Contextualizing Localized Expressions of Dissent." Latin American Studies Association (LASA), Montreal, (Sept., 2007)
  • "Patronage, Identity, and Peasant Politics in Insurgent Bolivia, 1800-1830," International Congress of Americanists (ICA), Seville, Spain, (July, 2006)
  • "Imagining a Peasant 'Republic': The Ayopaya Insurgency, 1814-1818," Latin American Studies Association (LASA) San Juan, Puerto Rico (March, 06). Also presented as a Faculty Seminar, Emmanuel College, (Feb., 2007)
  • "Participación popular en la guerrilla de Ayopaya, 1815-1820," Archivo Historico de Cochabamba, Bolivia (Aug., 2005)
  • "Patronage, Reciprocity, and the Devolution of the State in Insurgent Ayopaya, 1810-1820," in American Historical Association conference (CLAH), San Francisco, CA (Jan., 2002)
  • "The Soil on Which We Walk And on Which We Live: Rural Expressions of Patria in Insurgent Ayopaya, 1810-1825" in Rocky Mountain Council of Latin American Studies (RMCLAS), Tucson, AZ (Jan. 2001)
  • Fulbright Scholar Award, 2020 (deferred to 2022 and 2023 due to Covid-19 restrictions).
  • Fulbright Full Grant, Institute of International Education, 2001
  • Soledad Chávez Chacón Fellowship, Center for Regional Studies (CSWR), University of New Mexico, 2000, 1999

Research Focus

My research interests include the evolution of regional and national identities in Latin America and the American West. I am particularly interested in the ways that ethnic, class, and gender lines blur during periods of social conflict. My current research explores the notions of nationalism and political identity as they evolved among indigenous communities and other rural groups during the wars of independence (1809-1825) in the Andean region of South America.

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