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Ana R. Otero

Senior Lecturer of Biology; Animal Facility Director

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Office Hours

Office: Wilkens Science Center, Room 309H

Office hours: Tuesday, 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.; Thursday, 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.; by appointment also


Ph.D., M.S., B.S., D.V.M., University of Leon, Spain


I am interested in teaching students to think critically and to analyze the science that is around us. To do this, I relate class material to specific issues from the news and daily life.

My passion is infectious disease and the role of microorganisms in our world. I have always been interested in neglected diseases in the developing world, especially those caused by parasites. I feel that living in the developed world we have a responsibility towards poorer nations. I try to bring the students close to these "far" lands, hoping to bring about awareness and commitment in the student.

I am also interested in vaccine development and implementation. Before becoming a teacher I worked in the pharmaceutical industry and in the vaccine industry which I also find fascinating.

What I'm Working On

What I Love About Emmanuel:

I love close interaction with students and mentoring. I enjoy teaching a variety of topics within the biological sciences and including social issues in Biology as part of the liberal arts education.

Courses I Teach

  • BIOL 1101 - Life on Earth Laboratories
  • BIOL 1102; BIOL 1103 - Human Biology
  • BIOL 1105 - Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • BIOL 1106 - Introduction to Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Laboratories
  • BIOL 1110 - Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • BIOL 1211 - Emerging Infectious Diseases
  • BIOL 2113 - Human Nutrition
  • BIOL 2107 - Ecology
  • BIOL 2123 - Genetics
  • BIOL 3127 - Microbiology
  • BIOL 4160 - Seminar
  • FYS 1101-66 - The Attack of the Killer Microbes
  • FYS 1101- You are what you eat

Publications + Presentations

  • Muddy River Research Symposium. Wheelock College, Boston 2011
  • Woo, M.H., Vance, J.R., Otero Marcos, A.R., Bailly, C. y Bjornsti, M.A. Active site mutations in DNA topoisomerase I distinguish the cytotoxic activities of camptothecin and the indolocarbazole, rebeccamycin. J. Biol. Chem. 277, 3813-22, 2002.
  • Villa, H., Otero, A.R., Reguera, R.M., Perez-Pertejo, Y., Garcia Estrada, C., Balana-Fouce, R., Ordonez, D. Reconstitution of Leishmania DNA topoisomerase I activity using co-expression of independent genes. XIII Molecular Parasitology Meeting. Boston, 2002.
  • Villa, H., Otero Marcos A.R., Reguera R.M., Balana-Fouce R., Garcia-Estrada C., Perez-Pertejo, Y., Tekwani, B.L., Myler, P.J., Stuart, K.D., Bjornsti, M.A., Ordonez, D. A novel active DNA topoisomerase I in Leishmania donovani. J. Biol. Chem. 278, 3521-6, 2003.
  • Sellitto M., Otero A. R., Ryvkin F. A laboratory model to test Escherichia coli adsorption to soil particles in the Boston's waterways. Muddy River Research Symposium. Wheelock College. Boston, 2008.
  • Ferguson Sarah, Hartnett Liane and Otero Ana R. Road salt effects on plant growth. Muddy River Research Symposium. Wheelock College. Boston, 2011.
  • Thomas Cicuto, Brandon Kusako, Samuel Melanson, Shayna Miller, Benjamin Nickerson,   Samuel Nickerson, Jenna Whalen, Liane Hartnett and Ana Otero. Environmental issues and initiatives in Massachussetts. Muddy River Research Symposium.  Wheelock College. Boston, 2013.

Recipient of teaching with technology grants 2012 and 2013

Research Focus

I am the Animal Facility Supervisor at the college and I train students on the use of animals for research.

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