The My Progress screen on Student Planning provides students with an intuitive and visual way to track progress toward degree completion.

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At a Glance: This section provides a high level of the student’s active program, including:

  • Cumulative GPA: Total GPA from all semesters at Emmanuel. Transfer credit is not applied to the Emmanuel GPA. Click here for more information on how the GPA is calculated
  • Institution GPA: Will be the same as cumulative GPA as Emmanuel only factors in Emmanuel courses, or COF courses registered through the official cross-registration process into the Emmanuel GPA
  • Degree: Student degree program (ex. Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, etc.)
  • Majors (Catalog Year): Initially this is the year the student enters Emmanuel. For Arts and Sciences students, once the student declares, the student will have the catalog year requirements associated with the year they declare, typically the sophomore year.  Students follow the major requirements from the year they declare and the general requirements from their entry year to Emmanuel. GPP students will have the catalog year corresponding to the academic year associated with their first class at Emmanuel.
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: This date is the student's anticipated graduation date based on completed credits and start term at Emmanuel.  This is not a guaranteed date of graduation and students must meet all credit and degree requirements, including residency and minimum GPA per the student’s individual degree program.

Progress Bars: The progress bar is a visual representation of a student’s numeric credit progression toward degree completion

Total Credits Progress Bar

  • Dark Green: Completed Credits- Undergraduate class standing is determined based on this number
  • Light Green: Credits in progress- These credits are not factored into class standing
  • Yellow: Credits planned for future semesters
  • Total Credits: This is the total number of credits a student has completed and is applied toward the degree.  The student’s total minimum credits for graduation will be listed at the end of this bar: 128 for undergraduates and 30 or 36 for graduate students depending on the degree program.
  • Total Credits from this School: This is the total number of credits a student has completed “in residence,” with the total number needed listed at the end of this bar.  Students must meet the residency requirement for their degree program to graduate.  A student may have completed more credits than is needed for the minimum credit requirement, but may still have additional institutional/residency credits to complete in order to graduate.

 Requirements: Students course requirements by degree program will be listed in the “Requirements” section of Progress screen. Any declared majors or minors will list associated requirements. Any completed courses, in progress/registered courses, or transfer credit, will populate into the degree requirements. Students may also plan ahead for future semesters and the “planned” courses will populate into the requirements as a Planned course.


Arts and Sciences Students:

Undeclared Students: All A+S students, with the exception of those students formally accepted into the 4-year undergraduate nursing program, come to Emmanuel as undeclared students. Students typically formally declare a major during their sophomore year. For A+S students who have not declared a major yet, the general requirements (Domains of Knowledge) will be listed, including the required internship for graduation. 

View a New Program Feature: Undeclared students who wish to view requirements for a specific major should click the “View a New Program” tab at the top of the Progress page and click the major program of interest. Note: Clicking this feature, does not declare a major, it only provides information regarding degree requirements for the associated major and how the student’s current completed, registered, or planned coursework will fit into the major requirements. As soon as the student exits the Progress screen, the current active program (whether undeclared or some other declared major) will reappear. The program chosen in the “View New Program” feature is for informational purposes only and does not save to the student record.

Declared Students: A+S students who have declared a major will have general requirements, major requirements, and any minor requirements that have been officially declared through the Office of the Registrar.

GPP Students: Requirements for GPP will be listed on the Progress screen from the student’s enrollment in their first class at Emmanuel.

Understanding the Color Coding on the Progress Screen in Student Planning:

Courses that are completed, registered or in progress, or planned will pull into the progress screen in the respective degree requirement the course fulfills.  Each requirement and course will be color-coded to indicate the status of the requirement.

Course Requirements in RED: Have not been started

Course Requirements in YELLOW:

  • Yellow with a Check Mark: Credits that are registered, but the term has not yet started

  • Yellow with a Clock Icon: Have been Planned on the student’s Timeline within Student Planning, but are not registered.  Students should take care to register for any planned courses during the appropriate semester and remove any planned courses for current or previous semesters for which the course was not registered as to not have inaccurate planned credits toward the total credit requirement.

Course Requirements in GREEN:

  • Green with a Check Mark: Completed Credits

  • Green with a Check Mark surrounding by an incomplete circle: Credits that are currently in progress. The term has started and the student is currently in the course.

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