Faculty may review pertinent information on grading, including how to enter grades.

Grading Deadlines

Grading Submission Open 

  • A+S Mid-semester grading: opens on the Monday of the week grades are due.
  • A+S and MSN final grading: opens on the first day of A+S finals
  • Grading for A+S 7 week and GPP courses: open on the last day of the class or term for online classes

Mid-Semester Grades (A+S students only):
Mid-semester grades are submitted to the Office of the Registrar for all students in their first year at Emmanuel College, all athletes, and all students on academic probation. All faculty will be notified if any of their students qualify for mid-semester grade submission. Course warning forms may be issued by faculty at any time during a semester.

Note: Mid-semester grades are not official grades posted to the transcript or factored into the GPA.  They are used as an advising tool. No matter when a faculty may have assignments or exams scheduled, mid-semester grades are due by the deadline and are a snapshot of a student's performance at this specific time. The week following the mid-semester grade deadline, advisors are directed to their advisee's Student Planning grades to view their performance at mid-semester.  

Mid-semester grades are due by 11:59 p.m. on the grades due date. Refer to the Academic Calendar for Mid-semester grade deadlines.  

Final Grades
Instructors submit final grades to the Registrar at the end of each course. Grading due dates are dependent on the student population and term.  

  • A+S Fall and Spring Semester Grading Deadlines: Refer to Academic Calendar. Grades due by 10:00 a.m.
  • A+S Summer Courses: Grades are due 5 calendar days after class ends by 11:59 p.m.  
  • Graduate and Professional Program (excluding MSN): Grades are due 5 calendar days after class ends by 11:59 p.m.
  • Graduate Nursing Program Courses: Grades are due on the A+S grades due date by 10:00 a.m. Refer to the A+S Academic Calendar for deadlines.    

Grading Scheme:

Emmanuel College does not have an official numeric to letter grade scheme. While ECLearn may calculate a numeric grade and provide a recommended letter grade, there is not an official letter grade associated with a numeric total/percentage.

While faculty may choose to use any grade scheme they deem appropriate, the College’s “suggested/recommended” grade scheme is:

A 93-100
A- 90-92
B+ 87-89
B 83-86
B- 80-82
C+ 77-79
C 73-76
C- 70-72
D+ 65-69
D- 60-64
F Below 60

Emmanuel College also does not have a policy requiring rounding individual final course grades. A faculty member may choose or choose not to round a final grade based on their own personal philosophy. The Office of the Registrar maintains the letter grade for which a faculty member submits, not the numeric total. Additionally, the College does not round up or down a student’s term or cumulative GPA. The GPA is designated out to the thousandth degree (ex. 3.796). A GPA of 3.499 is not rounded up to 3.5.

How to Submit Grades

All grades are submitted via EClearn. There is a specified grading period for both mid-semester and final grades where the online grading tool on ECLearn is available for faculty to enter grades. You will receive email reminders regarding grading and confirmation that your grades were successfully submitted.

For questions regarding grading and policy, contact the Office of the Registrar at (617) 735-9960 or regmail@emmanuel.edu. For questions regarding ECLearn functionality, contact Academic Technology at at@emmanuel.edu.

Faculty who fail to submit grades within the grading period will be blocked from submitting grades online and will need to submit grades to the Office of the Registrar either in hard copy with a handwritten signature with course and section information, student names and IDs and final letter grade or via their Emmanuel College email address with the grades submitted in the body of the email. Grades, or any other student record related information, will not be accepted or responded to from a non-Emmanuel email address to comply with FERPA. Any grades not submitted via ECLearn must be submitted with the final letter grade as that is the only official grade of the College and there isn’t an official numeric to letter grade scheme.

Grade Submission Tutorial: View the ECLearn Mid-Semester and Final Grade Submission Tutorial

Recommended browsers for grading submission include Internet explorer and Fire Fox. Often Google Chrome will store the cache and if you had previously logged into the ECLearn grading submission page, the grading screen will appear empty or blank. To rectify this, try a different browser or restart your computer.

Grading Page and Grading Status Definitions:

Reload Grades This button should be used if you have entered the Mid-semester or Final Grading Submission tab prior to being ready to submit grades. The first time you enter the grading submission page, ECLearn pulls in any grades from the EClearn “Grade Book” into the Grading Submission page. However, if you make additional entries or changes in the gradebook, this is not carried over into the Grading Submission page, unless you click the “Reload Grades” button. This will calculate the new total.

Save Changes: This tab will save any adjustments you make in the “Rec. Grade” column or any totals if you reloaded grades from the Grade Book into the Grading Submission page.

Publish Selected: By clicking the boxes next to each student’s ID and name or the box at the top of the list and then clicking “Publish Selected” the faculty member is officially submitting grades to the Office of the Registrar. Once grades have been published, the faculty member cannot adjust the grade, even if it was an error. Faculty should contact the Office of the Registrar regarding any erroneous grade submissions.

GB: GB stands for Grade Book. This numeric total is the student’s grade total as pulled from the Grade Book. If you already accessed the gradebook prior to when you were ready to submit grades and made adjustments to the gradebook, you will need to click the “Reload Grades” button to pull in the most current grades from the gradebook. If you do not use the Grade Book, this field will list N/A for the student’s GB.

Rec. Grade: This is only the recommended letter grade based on the student’s numeric total from the EClearn Grade Book. If you do not use the Grade Book, this field will indicate “Select Grade.” As the Colleges do NOT have an official numeric to letter grade scheme, faculty may choose the grade from the drop-down menu that is most appropriate.

Students who have registered for the course as Pass/Fail, will only have the option to submit a P or an F grade.

Students who are registered as an audit will only have the option to enter an AU transcript notation.

Students who have stopped attending on or before the Withdrawal Deadline may receive a UW (unofficial withdrawal) grade. The last date of attendance or participation in the course is required upon grade submission on ECLearn. Any student who has attended or participated in the course after the withdrawal deadline must receive the letter grade earned. View the academic calendar for A+S and GPP and A+S Summer withdrawal deadlines.

Status: This is the status of the grades submission/non-submission to the Registrar’s Office.


Course Grade has not been submitted for this particular student


Faculty has “published” the grade and officially submitted to the Office of the  Registrar. Students cannot yet see grades posted on transcript.


Faculty has officially published and submitted grade, and the grade has been integrated from EClearn to Emmanuel’s SIS and the student is able to see the grade posted on their transcript. This occurs on 30-minute intervals, so 30 minutes is the maximum time between when a grade is published and when the grade is posted in the SIS and the student is able to view the final grade.

Submitting an Incomplete (INC) Grade In rare instances, a student may be awarded an interim INC (incomplete) grade. Faculty should choose INC from the grading dropdown menu under “Rec Grade” then click “publish selected.” Next, a yellow box will pop up at the top of the screen indicating the faculty awarded an INC to the student with the student name and ID number along with a link to the Incomplete Grade Form. Faculty should complete this form to finalize the grade and also connect with the student regarding the submission of the INC.

Faculty should refer to the Incomplete Grade section in Academic Policies for more information, but should know that an INC grade factors into the term GPA as 0.00 until a final letter grade has been submitted. If a student’s term GPA is below 2.0, the student will be placed on Academic Probation, even if the GPA is a result of one or more incomplete grades. Once a final grade is submitted, if the term GPA is above a 2.0, the student will have the probationary status removed from their record.

Students who receive an INC in their last semester will not be eligible for degree conferral and their graduation date will be pushed back to the next degree conferral in either May or December.

Incomplete Grade Deadlines (Faculty may choose an earlier date):

Student work due to faculty:

  • Fall INC Grades: February 1st
  • Summer and Spring INC Grades: October 1st

Faculty must submit the grade within 7 days of the dates listed above to the Office of the Registrar via a Grade Change Form or by emailing regmail@emmanuel.edu from their Emmanuel College email address

Final grades that are not submitted to replace INC grades 7 days after the work is due to the faculty will automatically convert to F grades.

Submitting a UW (Unofficial Withdrawal) Grade

Students who have stopped attending on or before the Withdrawal Deadline, may receive a UW (unofficial withdrawal) grade. The last date of attendance or participation in the course is required upon grade submission on ECLearn. Any student who has attended or participated in course after the withdrawal deadline, must receive the letter grade earned. View the academic calendar for A+S and GPP and A+S Summer withdrawal deadlines.

Grade Changes

There may be times where a faculty member may need to adjust a grade if they realize they made an error in submission or need to submit a final letter grade for a previously submitted INC Grade.

Once a grade has been submitted to the Office of the Registrar the faculty member is no longer able to edit the grade submitted, even if the faculty has entered new or edited grades in the course module Grade Book.

If a grade is entered in error within the grading period, please email Jamie Curcio, Associate Registrar at curcioj@emmanuel.edu from your Emmanuel College email account and copy regmail@emmanuel.edu explaining the error. The Registrar’s Office will make the adjustment to the final grade. If a grade needs to be adjusted outside of the grading period, contact Jamie Curcio and she will advise as to whether the completion of a Grade Change Form with sign-off from Academic Affairs will be necessary. Grade changes will not be permitted one year after the course has been completed.

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