Global Education Opportunities

Discover the World Beyond

Global study expands the mind, invigorates the spirit and offers an international perspective that will shape the course of your life. Through opportunities such as study abroad, faculty-led travel courses and prestigious travel fellowships, students benefit from authentic interactions, experiences and personal connections with the cultures and people of other countries. By doing so, they gain firsthand knowledge of what life is like in other areas of the world and expand their overarching understanding of our increasingly global society.

Spend a year, semester, summer or school break in one of more than 70 countries, choosing from 500+ programs. Want to "get your feet wet?" Try a Semester at Sea. Don't have a semester to spare? We offer a variety of faculty-led travel courses during winter, spring and early summer breaks. Emmanuel students have studied everywhere from Italy and Morocco to Japan and Argentina and are eager to share their stories. Follow the @ECStudyAbroad Twitter feed to the right for more on their experiences, as well as valuable advice, dates and deadlines. 

If you're interested in studying abroad, start planning a year or more before departure, especially regarding academic planning. Students in highly-sequenced or double majors or who plan to spend a year abroad should start planning as early as freshman year. Emmanuel partners with the Colleges of the Fenway GEO Center to provide our students with well-curated opportunities to study and travel abroad. Interested students should contact or stop by our office in the Administration Building, Room 325C.