Develop career-igniting skills and connections in one of the nation’s most dynamic cities.

And it all begins day one.

Develop career-igniting skills and connections in one of the nation’s most dynamic cities.

And it all begins day one.

More Connected. Less Ordinary.

Not all career centers are created equal. Sure, ours has a physical space, but at Emmanuel, career development truly happens all the time, all over campus. So, whether you're wondering, "Where do I start?" or already looking for experience in specific industries, Emmanuel's dedicated staff within the Leslie Ferrick McCafferty Career Center foster an environment that will support and guide you in realizing your career aspirations.

One hundred percent of Emmanuel students complete an internship as part of the core curriculum. In a city as dynamic as Boston, your options are bound only by the limits of your curiosity. A short walk or ride on the "T" places you at the doorsteps of dozens of industry-leading organizations in research, technology, finance, media, healthcare, social service and more. Here, you'll obtain career opportunities that students and graduates in other cities may only ever aspire to experience.

Based on the Experiential Learning Report:
  • 36.17% of Internships were located within 1 mile of campus
  • 53.98% of Internships were located within 2 miles of campus

Career development happens all over Emmanuel’s campus, at all times of the day. During your first year, you’ll take engage in the College’s career planning course, preparing you to embark on your internship search at your own pace and with your best foot forward. If you need help along the way, meet with a dedicated Career Advisor, or a Career Peer—a current student who has been exactly where you are and is eager to share their experience.

As a result of the Career Planning and Engagement Course:
  • 94% of first-year students said they could identify the next steps they will take in obtaining an internship
  • 95% of first-year students said they could describe a plan of action for gaining more experience, which includes both short- and long-term goals

100% of Emmanuel students complete an internship as part of the core curriculum. Our access to leading employers in top industries is unparalleled, and yours will be, too. Our Employer Relations Team builds valuable relationships with companies and organizations throughout the city, and with events such as the Recruiter Series and on-campus career fairs, we bring those partnerships back to you.

For the Class of 2021:
  • 25% of students completed two internships
  • 11% of students completed three or more internships

Emmanuel graduates can be found making their mark at leading companies and organizations all over the city of Boston, across the country and around the world. But their path to success and fulfillment starts on campus, with a commitment to achieve at the highest level in their studies, in leadership roles and in student clubs and organizations, while engaging in purposeful work that honors their obligations to their communities and the wider world.

By one year after graduation, the Class of 2021:
  • 98% of students seeking work had found a job
  • 94% of students seeking admission to graduate school had been admitted


Emmanuel’s singular network of employers, alumni, faculty and students drives the next generation of Boston’s workforce. Whether you’re a student wondering where to begin, an employer looking to recruit top talent, an alum seeking a job or another Saint to advance your organization, or a parent supporting your student through their journey, the Career Center has resources to meet—and exceed—your expectations.

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Career preparation is an integral aspect of the undergraduate experience at Emmanuel. Our McCafferty Career Center supports and guides students in realizing their career aspirations, while taking an active role in their professional development. Recognizing that Career Development is a process that happens over time, our McCafferty Career Center staff is committed to meeting students wherever they are in the process—from exploration and discovery to choosing a career and embarking on a successful future. LEARN MORE ABOUT US >>


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