We are committed to helping our students graduate from Emmanuel College in four years, prepared for their chosen field. During your first-year, you will work together with your academic advisor to construct a Four-Year Academic Plan.

Each student's Four-Year Academic Plan is as unique as you are. More than just a list of required courses, your plan is the ultimate expression of your goals and interests during this significant time, from your selected major to complimentary minors and electives, study abroad, internships and more. Check out just a few sample plans below.


What Students Say...


"As a first year student at Emmanuel, I was struggling with choosing between two academic majors. My Academic Advisor went the extra mile by helping me map out a Four-Year Academic Plan for each major. My advisor put in a vast amount of time in assisting me and planning out my academic schedule. It made my decision so much easier!"

"The creation of a Four-Year Academic Plan has allowed me to feel so much less stress about my future at Emmanuel College. After working closely with my Academic Advisor to draft a plan, I feel confident that I will be able to fulfill all of my academic goals and requirements by the time I graduate. Also, because the plan is written in pencil, it's nice to know that it can change as I do. Overall, the Four-Year Academic Plan is an immensely helpful resource for shaping my academic career."