Create an Inclusive Culture

Building Inclusive communities is a top priority in Sports today. Our three-course certificate program in diversity, equity, and inclusion and the Law will provide sport leaders: coaches, administrators and athletes with the foundation they need to create an inclusive and welcoming environment and experience for all. 

The Curriculum

Emmanuel's Graduate Certificate in Inclusive Sport Management consists of three courses (nine total credits). Courses are each seven weeks in length and offered in an online format. The required courses are:

  • Foundations of Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • Inclusive Language and the Law in Sport Management
  • Building Inclusive Organizational Cultures and Leadership in Sports

Students completing the certificate will:

  1. Understand the relevant U.S. law regarding public speech.
  2. Build a foundation to understand DEI in the Sports workplace and to promote positive messages, practices, polices, and procedures to foster genuine respect to counter hate speech.
  3. Provide insight into potential barriers to an inclusive workplace and actionable strategies to overcome these barriers and address hate speech.
  4. Unpack personal biases and integrate the concept of intersectionality into that understanding.
  5. Develop a framework for inclusive leadership for themselves and their organizations.