Math and Science Assistance

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) at Emmanuel College provides students with math and science resources and assistance.

ARC Virtual Services

The Academic Resource Center is open to support you with your academic success remotely. Visit WCOnline to schedule an online, phone, or email appointment with an ARC Peer Tutor, ARC Writing/Math/Science Specialist, or Academic Coach (for study strategies and time management).


Peer Tutoring and Study Groups

Peer tutors offer individual appointments for specific courses and facilitate study groups. The ARC offers both weekly study groups in select subjects and study groups before major exams. To make an appointment, visit the ARC (LIB G-04) or sign up online. Peer tutor appointments require 24-hour notice.

Math & Writing Specialists
In addition to math and science Peer Tutors, the Math Specialist provides assistance for not only general math courses, but also math in the sciences and other disciplines. Writing Specialists and discipline-specific Writing Peer Tutors can provide assistance with lab reports and PowerPoint presentations. To make an appointment, visit the ARC (LIB G-04) or sign up online. Same day appointments may be available.

Academic Counseling
Need help with time management, organization and other academic strategies? To make an individual appointment with an Academic Specialist, contact the ARC.

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