Frequently Asked Questions

What types of "qualified professionals" can provide the required documentation?

Documentation can be completed by a qualified treating or diagnosing professional (psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, licensed certified social worker, medical doctor, optometrists, neurologist, school psychologist, etc.) who is not a family member of the student.  

Does the College perform assessments?

No. The College doesn't offer assessment or testing services, and we're not required to pay for assessments performed elsewhere. 

What reasonable academic accommodations are available for students?

Reasonable academic accommodations are individual and based on the nature of the disability/impairment and the academic environment. Reasonable accommodations in a post-secondary environment may differ from those available to the student in high school. Depending on the nature of the disability/impairment and the accommodations requested, the amount of advance notice provided may impact the college's ability to provide accommodations. 

Will my professors be told the nature of my disability/impairment?

No, this information is confidential and will not be disclosed to any faculty or staff. Your professors will only be notified of the accommodations to be used in their classroom when you present the accommodation forms. 

Since I received a foreign language waiver in high school, will I qualify for a waiver at Emmanuel?

Emmanuel College has a second language requirement for graduation. Students are offered the opportunity to take a traditional foreign language or American Sign Language to fulfill this requirement. Students who require a second language waiver and have specific documentation stating this requirement should speak with Disability Support Services about their individual circumstances.

What role do my parents play in the process?

Since collegiate accommodations are a student-driven process, students are expected to make their own accommodation requests and discuss other disability/impairment-related needs with Disability Support Services. However, students may want to have an open dialogue with their parents, as they may be a tremendous source of support and background information, and students can choose to have their parents attend intake meetings with them.

Is tutoring provided specifically for students with disabilities/impairments?

There are several tutoring resources available to all Emmanuel College students; all are free of charge. The Academic Resource Center has professional tutors available for time management and organization, science, math, and writing. Peer tutors are also available to meet with students for many courses.

Will it prejudice my case, or help my case, to inform Admissions that I have a disability/impairment?

The Admissions' staff will evaluate your application the same way it evaluates all applications. The staff wants to admit students who will be successful at Emmanuel College. For additional information about the College's admission procedures, please contact the Admissions Office. Information on registering with Disability Support Services can be found on the Procedure for Obtaining Accommodations tab. 

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