Advising at a Glance

Fall Semester: First-Year Students

  • September - October: Five week seminar for First Year Students.
  • October: Mid-Term Grades are received and reviewed by academic advisors
  • October - November: Individual meetings to discuss spring course selections.
  • November: Spring semester course registration and review last day to Withdraw from courses with a “W”.
  • November - December: Individual meetings and final exams.

Fall Semester: Sophomore Students

  • September: Sophomore group advising session (How to Declare your Major).
  • September - December: Individual meetings with Academic Advisor to review Four-Year Academic Plan.

Spring Semester: First-Year Students

  • January: Students meet with academic advisors to discuss course requirements and major exploration.
  • February: Group advising session to review the Four-Year Academic Plan process and Degree Audit.
  • February to April: Individual meetings to create Four-Year Academic Plans and choose fall semester courses.
  • March: Mid-Semester grades are received and reviewed by Academic Advisors.
  • April: Fall course registration planning.
  • March to May: Individual meetings to update/drafting of Four-Year Academic Plan.
  • May: Final exams and end of semester.

Spring Semester: Sophomore Students

  • January - March 1st: Individual meetings to review and complete the major declaration process.
  • March 1st: Deadline for major declaration.

For information specific information and exact dates, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

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