Senior Distinctions

Earning Distinction in the Field of Concentration requires more than scholarly achievement, but an academic prowess to explore a topic of interest through a significant research project. Below are only the most recent of incredible projects our seniors have completed during their time at Emmanuel through travel, internships and focused research. 

2019 Distinction in the Field Projects


  • Haley Dunne, "Alleviating the Cancer Identity: Art Therapy for Adolescent Cancer Patients"
  • Ashley Paleski, "The Role of Therapeutic Art-Based Activities for Pediatric Cancer Patients"
  • Christopher Moore, "Fishing for the Public Eye: Nathaniel Hone's Portrait of Kitty Fisher"
  • Hannah Lynch, "Considering Intersectionality in the Objects of Third World and Queer Feminist Art"
  • Tamara Camacho, "The Space in Between: An exploration of identity through major characters in the tarot"
  • Susanne Duquette, "Self: Mindful Guidance"


  • Tyler Costa, "Inflammation analysis and cell localization of busulfan-conditioned mice post-bone marrow transplantation"
  • Emily Medeiros, "Cell envelope homeostasis: The SigM signal transduction pathway as a sensitive reporter of cell envelope health"
  • Lily Kelley, "Decoding the transcription machinery interaction network in bacteria"
  • Abigail McGovern, "Is all stress the same?: Characterizing transcription termination responses to radiation, salt, and heat"
  • Ilias Vamvakas, "Prying a CURE for TB from the jaws of bacteria chompers: Mining mycobacteriophages for cytotoxic proteins"
  • Allison Carroll, "The role of nuclear transporters in SKN-1 regulation"
  • Cara Welsh, "I will find you, and I will degrade you: Analysis of transcription termination factor depletion"
  • Amira Abdelaziz , "Spinal cord neuron dysfunction underlies tactile hypersensitivity in NL2 mouse model of autism spectrum disorder"
  • Elizabeth Farland, "A novel model of human fetal lung development"
  • Jennifer Judge, "Molecular cartography uncovers a transcription appropriation factor"
  • Alexis Ouellette, "Multi-country assessment of calories from meals eaten in the home"


  • Karissa Mehrtens, "Investigating the Mechanism of DNA Cleavage by EcoRI using single molecule methods"


  • Alanna Saunders, "Black Panther: The Impact of Cast Diversity on Audience Engagement"
  • Ashley Jurus, "Like, Comment, Buy: Monetizing the parasocial relationships between Instagram influencers and their audience"
  • Jamie Behrent, "The Adidas Way: An Exploration of a Lifestyle Brand Strategy"
  • Melanie Albright, "Legally Blonde: An Alternative Ending"


  • Jannet Desvira, "Nudging Individuals' Choice of Healthy Food within Massachusetts"


  • Audrey Esakoff, "Inviting Student's Culture into the Classroom Community"
  • Kelsey Finnerty, "The Best Seat in the House: Exploring Flexible Seating Within a Classroom"
  • Rebecca Wiencek, "LGBTQ+ inclusion in the Elementary School Setting"
  • Lorna Vaughen, "Learning to Think Mathematically about Multiplication and Division: A Case Study in a Fifth Grade Math Class"
  • Emma Graney, "Using Mathematical Creativity to Enhance Student Understanding and Reduce Math Anxiety"
  • Mikayla Guthrie , "I Can't Do That Yet: A Curriculum Unit to Promote Growth Mindset in an Elementary Classroom"
  • Jordan Gaudreau, "Do students win with the "W.I.N." block?: One school's approach to meeting all student needs"
  • Caroline Cross, "Should Emmanuel Implement an Early Childhood Education Program?: A needs assessment"
  • Molly R. Sloan, "Where is the self-love?: A six week pilot program to foster self-love using culturally relevant pedagogy"


  • Sophia Campot-Eagan, "Predatory Gazes & Subversive Responses: Art and Literature of the Italian Renaissance"


  • Anna Jacobs, "Cookbook Propaganda: The Soviet Legacy in Latvian Cuisine"


  • Kaitlyn Soukup, "The Feathered Serpent of Spain: The Quetzalcoatl Return Myth and the Fall of the Aztec Empire"
  • Ana Starr, "Wôpanâak: Reclaiming The Wampanoag's Ancestral Language"
  • Olivia Richard, "St. Luke, Watercolors, and the Madonna: Religious Influence on Female Artists in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries"
  • Emily Tessier, "A Mill Girl's #MeToo: The Legacy of Sexual Harassment and Violence in Lowell's Industrial Age"
  • Jessica Valli, "Panty Power: The New American Woman During the Progressive Era"
  • Amanda Farina, "From Prayers to Pilaf: Armenian American's Christian Culinary Narration of the 20th Century"
  • Carina Ohlen, "Exorcising Historical Narratives: Uncovering the Revolutionary Fervor of the Haitian Revolution"
  • Kyle Griffiths, "Pristine, Obscene, and Forevermore Clean: How the Progressive Era Saved The White Mountains"
  • Kevin MacKenzie, "Queer Buccaneers: Challenging Perceptions of Masculinity During Piracy's Golden Age"


  • Donovan Uhlman, "Rumble at the Roof of the World: Depictions of the Himalayas in Popular Action Video Games"
  • Laryssa DaSilveira, "Social memory in the barrios and favelas: survival and resistance through music"
  • Jamie Wildgoose, "Healthcare in War Torn Areas: How Detrimental is Conflict is to Health Care in Society?"


  • Olivia Letourneau, "Interactive and Integrative Strategies in Social Media Marketing"
  • Alexa Cahill, "An Analysis of Current and Future Female Representation within Private Equity"
  • Bridget Vasques, "An Evaluation of Sustainable Business Initiatives and their Effects on Financial Performance"


  • Cameron Thompson, "Running Down a Dream: How student aspirations and behavior affect academic success"
  • Robert Jenkcs, "The death-Birth Process with Strong  Mutations"
  • Joshua Kolodny, "Math Games: Using games to introduce and cement new ideas in the classroom"


  • Anny M. Vargas, "La nación sin rostro : Un examen sobre la identidad racial en la República Dominicana"


  • Brandon Fitzpatrick, "The epistemology and metaphysics of mathematics"


  • Mia Steupert, "The American Family: Unintended Consequences of Governmental Programs, Technological Developments, and Social Movements"
  • Mishaal Khan," The Rohingya: A Humanitarian Crisis in Myanmar"


  • Alyssa Aughenbaugh, Harnessing the Power of Change: Media Literacy and Empowerment in Middle School Girls, A Program Analysis of MEDIAGIRLS
  • Mollie Bourne, "But I Turned Out Fine: Modern Views on Traditional Forms of Child Discipline"
  • Olivia Eldredge, "The Influence of Weight Status on Eating Disorder Recognition and Target Perceptions: Associations with Gender, Stigma, and Perceived Psychopathology"


  • Francesca Battiato, "Serving in the Closet: Stigma Management in LGBTQ Soldiers"
  • Megan A. Costa, "For the Love of Land and Liberty: A Critical Analysis of the Indian Removal Act as an Act of Genocide"
  • Jessica L. Schwinn, "Stories of Support: An Empirical Analysis of Title IX Responders' Experiences at Boston Colleges"

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Kai Uehara '20: Social Justice Scholar

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Robert Columbus '20: The Idea Man

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