The Center for Mission Engagement offers programs for the entire Emmanuel College community including our students, faculty and staff, as well as our alumni, to further engage in our Catholic identity and the mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. 

Hope and Action 

Looking at major world events and the many challenges facing our world, through a newsletter and conferences, this series aims to search the Catholic tradition and the work of our communities, for ways to build hope instead of despair and to encourage action rather than indifference. The series also intends to connect current students with alumni to inspire possible career paths in the fields of social justice and humanitarian responses. 


Enlarging the Tent 

As Pope Francis invites us to do, Christians are called to enlarge the borders of their communities. Reflecting on current challenges that the Church is facing (eco-spirituality, and inclusion of people belonging to minority groups) in the modern world, we will foster our spiritual imagination to build more inclusive and welcoming communities.  


Supper with a Sister 

Supper with a Sister brings together Emmanuel College students with Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur  to share in discussion and a meal. Through this program, students learn about what the Sisters are doing today to live out the mission of St. Julie Billiart.