Taking 48 hours away from campus to build new friendships and to reflect on coming to college.

Take48 is a weekend retreat at the Craigville Conference Center on Cape Cod for first-year and new transfer students led by upper-class students who speak personally about their own experiences at Emmanuel College.

The retreat gives the opportunity to “take 48 hours” for yourself and centers around three key questions:

  • Where have you been?
  • Where are you now?
  • Where are you going?

From these themes, topics explored in depth include how to navigate change and loss, decision making, and changing relationships with family, friends and God. In addition, you can expect to participate in interfaith prayer, be given free time for personal reflection as well as recreation, share in small groups, and build a lot of new friendships! 

Take48 registration is open to all first-year and new transfer students.


What students have said about their Take48 experience:

Take48 was relaxing and such a great way to make friends and find yourself again in the middle of the crazy college transition. I grew so much and felt better prepared to succeed at Emmanuel and was reminded that this is the place for me.

It’s an awesome way to meet new people. Take48 was such a nice break from school as a stress reliever and helps a lot with growth as a person new to college and it is good whether you are religious or not.

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