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Jeff M. Seo, Research Administration Faculty

Jeff M. Seo, Research Administration FacultyIf you had to create the ideal profile for an adjunct professor to teach a graduate level course in medical research administration, you would likely come up with someone just like Jeff M. Seo. As the Director of Research Compliance at Harvard Medical School, Seo takes his graduate students beyond theory in the classroom and into the applied world of medical research administration as he practices it at the esteemed medical school. A lawyer by training, Seo spent his early career in private practice and as a prosecutor in the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office and in the office of the Illinois Attorney General. True to Emmanuel College's mission to bring applied experience into the classroom, Seo has extensive experience in the health care field to help students dissect the thorny issues of medical ethics, research integrity and compliance. Seo is the 2012 recipient of the Faculty Excellence Award at Emmanuel College and highly respected by his professional peers and the students whose careers he is helping to shape.