Incident Reports

In cases of alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct, an incident report is typically filed by a Security Officer, a Resident Assistant or another member of the College community. Reports may be submitted by those outside the College such as local law enforcement agencies, other college's officials, etc. Community members who wish to file anonymous complaints and do not want their names released need to know that their complaint may be used for information purposes only.

The alleged violator may not be referred for student conduct action. After reviewing the incident report, the Dean of Students or the Dean's designee contacts the student in writing typically to schedule an Administrative Conference or a Hearing. An Administrative Conference involves review of the case by an administrator, typically an Assistant Director/Resident Director, the Assistant Dean for Community Standards or the Dean of Students. A Hearing involves review of the case by a group of peers or faculty/staff. The Board is advised by an administrator appointed by the Dean of Students. The Vice President for Student Affairs, the Dean of Students, or the Assistant Dean for Community Standards reserves the right to convene an Ad Hoc Hearing Board to hear cases that are serious, sensitive or complex.