Disciplinary Procedures

The Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible for enforcing College regulations and maintaining good order on campus. Commensurate with this responsibility, the Vice President and the Vice President's designees have the authority to investigate and to take action on all student misconduct cases in accordance with the procedures described in this section. When a student is alleged to have violated the Student Code of Conduct, typically the following procedures are followed:

  • An incident report is written which documents the alleged violation and the student alleged to be in violation.
  • The incident report is submitted to a College office, typically, the Office of the Dean of Students. 
  • The Dean of Students or the Assistant Dean for Community Standards assigns the case to either a staff member or to a board for a conference or a hearing. 
  • The student alleged to be in violation of the student code receives communication informing him/her of the date and time of the conference or hearing. The student is expected to attend this meeting. 
  • The student meets with the staff member or board holding the conference or hearing the case. The student is given the opportunity to respond to the charges against him/her. If the student neglects to attend the conference or hearing, the case may be heard in the student's absence without the benefit of the student's input. 
  • A decision is made by the staff member or the board as to whether or not the student is responsible for the alleged violations, and the outcome is communicated to the student. If the student is found responsible, sanctions are rendered and communicated. 
  • The student may choose to have the decision reviewed according to the appeal procedures outlined in the outcome letter.