Decision Review and Appeal Process

By follow-up written notification, the student is informed of the decision. The student, by such notice, shall be offered the choice either of consenting to the determination and proposed penalty, or by directing a written request for review of the decision. Letters requesting review must be directed to the person named in the decision letter within five business days. Substantial reasons for requesting review usually demonstrate one of the following conditions:

  • The student was denied rights, or process was not followed. 
  • Relevant evidence became available after the conference. 
  • The sanction is believed to be inconsistent with the circumstances of the charge. 

Upon review of the request for decision review, the appeal officer will either deny or consider the appeal. The appeal officer may schedule a meeting with the student to review the incident and incident reports and the reasons for the appeal. Following the review, the appeal officer will either uphold the decision and the sanctions, uphold the decision but change the sanctions or overturn the decisions and the sanctions.