Visitation Policies

Guest Visitation Policy
The Residence Hall Guest Visitation Policy is designed to balance the needs and interests of all members of the residence community while supporting residence hall safety, resident comfort, student development, academic achievement, and campus community.  Regular visitation hours establish regular parameters within which students can visit with friends and family while maintaining a living environment conducive to privacy, sleep and study.  After hours/overnight visitation hours recognize that late-night socializing is an important part of developing community, and that students frequently study into the early morning hours in groups in the residence halls.    Finally, the College recognizes that hosting family and friends strengthens long-distance relationships.    It is important to emphasize that as a Catholic College, Emmanuel does not condone sexual activity in the residence halls and strives to endow students with the tools, knowledge and resources to behave in a moral, ethical and respectful manner at all times.  Further, Emmanuel is committed to supporting resident student rights to privacy, sleep and study.  When roommates cannot agree, the right of the roommate to occupy her/his room has priority over the right of the roommate to have an afterhours/overnight guest.  Students are expected to bring any problems or concerns to the Residence Life staff.  Students who are uncooperative with their roommate, or who violate the guest policy can expect to have their guest privileges and residency reviewed and potentially revoked. In an effort to support first year students during their transition and to comply with the educational mandate set forth by Title IX Legislation, the Department of Residence Life and Housing engages first year students in conversations, workshops and on-line education on topics relevant to student safety, residence hall living, and academic success. Prior to hosting after hours/ overnight guests, resident students must complete this training.  Students who complete this training may begin to host guests the Friday night after the first full week of classes. 

Emmanuel Resident and Commuter Student Visitation Requirements

Regular Visitation
Regular visitation is defined as: 8:00-Midnight, Sunday-Thursday
8:00 a.m.- 2:00 a.m.,  Friday and Saturday.   

During Regular Visitation Hours Emmanuel students:  

  • May travel without escort on all floors in a building in which they live during the hours stated above. 
  • In buildings in which they do not live, must leave an Emmanuel College ID at the desk but do not need to be escorted.   

After Hours/Overnight Visitation
After hours/overnight visitation is defined as: Midnight-8:00 a.m. Sunday-Thursday
2:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday.  
Emmanuel students who wish to stay after hours or as an overnight guest of another Emmanuel student:

  • Must be signed in by their host on the After-Hours/Overnight List online. Names must be on the list by midnight
  •  All roommates must consent to the guest staying.   

Resident requirements for hosting non-Emmanuel guests

  • All residents are responsible for the actions of their guests and must ensure that they are familiar with applicable college rules and regulations. 
  • All guests are required to sign in, leave a picture ID and be escorted by his/her host at all times. 
  • Hosts must sign in and sign out guest(s) from the building every time they enter and exit. 
  • All residents can sign in no more than three (3) guests per visit. 
  • Guests may not be left alone in any room without their host.  Should the host need to separate from their guest for a brief period of time, they can name a resident escort to take their place by signing the guest in under the new host's name at the front desk.   
  • All guests are required to leave by midnight during the week and 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday unless they are signed in as after-hours/overnight guests. 
  • Any Emmanuel resident expecting a guest to arrive and stay after hours/overnight is required to have the guest's name on the After-Hours/Overnight List online.   Names must be on the list by midnight. 
  •  All roommates must consent to the guest staying.
  • No guests may stay more than three consecutive nights or three nights in a seven day period. 
  • No Non-Emmanuel guests may stay after hours or overnight during the final examination, 24-hour quiet period. 
  • Residents and/or guests are not permitted to sleep in any public lounges, including the floor lounges and the Foyer Lounge. 
  • The College reserves the right to remove and/or ban guests.   

Family Guests

  • Parents must be signed in and escorted by a resident, but need not leave an identification card. 
  • Siblings/Friends without photo IDs must be signed in using a No ID form. The form can be completed by making an appointment to talk to the Dean of Students Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  
  • Guests under the age of 17 and parents may not stay overnight. In unusual circumstances, the Dean of Students may grant special permission (three-day notice required). 

Residence Hall

  • Gatherings on a floor in the residence halls are restricted to individual student rooms and must conclude by the start of Quiet Hours as described in the Quiet Hours Policy. 
  • Maximum room capacity will be double the room's designed occupancy plus 2 (i.e. a double room can have 6 people in it at a time). Any gathering greater than maximum capacity will be dispersed immediately by members of the residence hall staff. 
  • Music must be kept at a reasonable level at all times and turned down if complaints are made. 
  • Residents wishing to entertain more than the maximum capacity allowed for their room should get approval from a professional staff member and then reserve a lounge or other common area room through the Office of Residence Life and Housing. Pre-registration of all guests is required. 
  • In accordance with the College alcohol policy, no alcoholic beverages may be served.
  • Violations of social gatherings regulations will result in disciplinary action.   

Quiet Hours
Quiet Hours begin at 11:00 p.m. on every floor on nights when there are classes the following day and are in effect until 8:00 a.m. the following morning. Quiet hours begin at 1:00 a.m. on every floor on nights when there are no classes scheduled the following day and are in effect until 9:00 a.m. the next morning. Quiet hours are strictly enforced. Courtesy Hours are in effect throughout the building 24 hours a day. Courtesy Hours entail the expectation that residents will lower their volume or that of their music or television at the request of another resident. During final examinations, 24-Hour  Quiet Hours are in effect and remain so until the close of the residence halls. Specifics for the start of 24-Hour Quiet Hours will be publicized by the Office of Residence Life and Housing prior to the end of classes.   

Sales Solicitation
Businesses of any kind are not allowed to be operated out of the residence halls including such ventures as babysitting/child care services, sales, haircutting, etc. Residence hall room numbers should not be included in any advertisement for sales/solicitation. Bulletin boards should not be used. Advertisement and related materials of any kind should not be slipped under resident doors or left in common areas. Outside businesses are not allowed to hold promotional events or hand out samples and/or advertisements on campus without the permission of the Dean of Students.

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