Residence Hall Administrative Policies

Cancellation of Housing Assignment
Students may cancel their housing assignment prior to the scheduled fall semester move in. Students who wish to cancel must complete and submit a cancellation form to the Office of Residence Life and Housing. The cancellation form should be submitted no later than the appropriate deadline provided at the time of selection. Housing deposits may be partially refunded to students who submit a cancellation form by the stated deadline. Students who submit a cancellation form after the deadline will forfeit their housing deposit.   Students who remain fully registered and wish to cancel their housing assignment after move-in must request special exception from the Office of Residence Life and Housing. Students are required to submit a petition to break their housing lease through the MySaints Room Selection team site and bring their petition before a Board comprised of various departments on campus. The Board will review the petition and any appropriate accompanying documentation. If the appeal is granted, students are responsible for the cost of housing according to the College withdrawal policy. Please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing for more details. Students who are approved to cancel are required to check out of their rooms properly as stated above.   

Hall Vacations
Emmanuel College residence halls are closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks. Summer housing is available at additional cost. When leaving the residence hall for a break, all residents must follow the Hall Closing Procedures as instructed by staff.   

Between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, residents who lock themselves out of their rooms must go to the front desk of their building where an Office Assistant will be available for assistance. When the Office of Residence Life and Housing is closed, the Resident Assistant (RA) on duty will be available to assist locked out residents. This RA may be contacted by calling the RA on Duty phone or asking the front desk for assistance. Students who are negligently locked out of their room will be written down on a list. If a student is negligently locked out of a room three times in an academic year, then the student will be charged $25.00 for that lockout and each subsequent lockout for the remainder of the academic year. The numbers do not reset during spring semester. Lockouts due to mechanical error (i.e. lock not functioning, ID card intact and present with the student at the time of the lockout but not functioning) will be listed, but will not count towards the three lockouts resulting in a charge.
Most beds in residence halls are designed to be lofted with no additional material. Additional material is defined as cinder blocks, other building materials, or other pieces of furniture to raise your bed off the floor. For reasons of safety, no furniture, other than bunked beds, are allowed to be stacked on top of each other. You will be fined $50 for lofting or stacking furniture and be asked to disassemble the loft or stack immediately.

Residence Hall Damage Responsibilities

  • Each student is responsible for the care and appearance of his/her room. Students are not allowed to paint their rooms. Borders are allowed but must be taken down at the end of the year. If they are not removed, a fine will be assessed. No items may be affixed to student room doors as adhesive damages the surface. 
  • Students must sign a Physical Inventory Form that indicates the amount and condition of furniture in the room as well as the room's general condition. A Resident Assistant indicates the condition of the room and the room's general condition. An RA must inspect each student's room before check-out. The RA indicates the condition of the room on the Physical Inventory Form. After review of the forms and the physical space, the Residence Director will determine appropriate damage billing. These forms are the basis for damage assessments with final assessment occurring after students leave. Students are held accountable for the cost of replacement, repair or damage. Residents are not permitted to use nails, glue, thumbtacks, etc. If any damage occurs (holes, paint chips, etc.), residents will be responsible for the repair of the damage. 
  • Residents will be held liable for the cost of any damage to their assigned rooms and to common areas. If staff cannot determine clear responsibility for damage to common areas, the College will divide the cost of damages among all residents in the area. The cost of the damage will be added to the student's account and a financial hold will be placed on the account until the damage fees are paid. 
  • Whenever a student moves out of a room, that student must officially check out of that space. This can be done by: 
  1. Traditional Check Out: The student is escorted by an RA as the room is inspected. The student must know that this may not be the final damage assessment. 
  2. Express Check Out: The student waives the right to escort the RA during the inspection and to appeal any damages to the room by completing an Express Check Out Form. The room condition is then inspected after the student leaves. 
  3. Students who are checking out within 30 minutes of closing must complete an Express Check Out Form. 
  4. Students who do not check out by Express or Traditional methods will be considered an Improper Check Out and subject to an Improper Check Out Fine. Students who move out after 30 minutes past closing will automatically be considered an Improper Check Out. All Improper Check Outs automatically waive their right to appeal damage costs.   

Residence Hall Maintenance
Damage or defects in resident rooms should be reported to the Resident Assistant and/or an Assistant Director/Resident Hall Director. Reports should also be made when equipment or College property is damaged. Furniture must be kept clear of the technology outlets.   

Right of Room Entry
College staff members may enter student rooms for reasons of health and safety inspections, emergencies, suspicion of illegal activities/policy infractions, or maintenance concerns. By submitting a work order, you are giving permission for your room to be entered for repairs, etc. Notice of coming health and safety inspections will be posted throughout the entire residence hall prior to the actual inspection. College personnel will not intrude into your personal effects or otherwise search your room except with your permission or by appropriate legal authority with a search warrant. Prohibited items such as pets, firearms, incense, candles, and unauthorized appliances will be removed and you will be notified of such removals.   

Room Changes
Residents must discuss possible changes with their roommates. The residence hall staff is available to assist roommates resolve issues should they arise. If you do need to change roommates, you may request assistance from any member of the professional Residence Life and Housing staff.   

Room Regulations

  • The College assumes no responsibility for losses suffered on campus due to fire, theft, water damage or other causes. Students are encouraged to make certain their belongings are insured, either under their parents' homeowners policy or by purchasing renter's insurance. 
  • Boston Police Department regulations indicate that window shades in rooms, corridors, lavatories, and study rooms must be drawn when lights are on. 
  • Windows must be closed when residents leave the building during vacations. Residents are not permitted to lean out and call out of windows. 
  • No resident may use an unoccupied room nor may she/he use the room of another resident without requesting permission from the Dean of Students. No furniture may be removed from any room, lounge or storage room. Students who are in possession of lounge furniture will be fined $50 and subjected to disciplinary action. Students who move furniture will also be assessed a $50 fine per piece of furniture. 
  • Students who possess College property (such as furniture, keys, books, signs, cafeteria dishes, exams, files, papers, etc.) or property belonging to another student without permission from the owner will face disciplinary action. 
  • Storage during the academic year and summer is not available. 
  • No student is permitted on the roof of the residence hall. Any student found on the roof will be subject to disciplinary action.     


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