Sects and Cults

The Vatican Report on Sects, Cults and New Religion Movements defines a cult or sect as "any religious group with a distinctive world view of its own derived from but not identical with the teachings of a major world religion." Emmanuel College is concerned with those sects or cults that pose a threat to students' personal freedom and their objectives as college students to concentrate on their academics. As part of its religious identity, Emmanuel College encourages students of all religious backgrounds to learn in an environment that encourages reflection and action on intellectual and moral issues.

The College reflects the religious and ethical principles of Catholicism, and as a result students often reflect on their personal religious experience. At times students explore alternative religions. The College affirms the right of an individual to take the initial step to seek information or dialogue with various religious groups. Therefore:

  • Unapproved religious activities should be reported to the Office of Mission & Ministry. People who are not members of the College community may not proselytize, lead Bible Studies, Bible Talks, or in any way attempt to do religious or spiritual education without an invitation from the Office of Mission & Ministry.
  • Any student who feels s/he is being induced or pressured in any way to participate in religious activities is encouraged to report this to the Residence Life and Housing staff, Office of Mission & Ministry, the Vice President for Student Affairs or the Dean of Students.
  • Any student who continues to extend invitations to events after a student has specifically said "no" will be subject to disciplinary actions.

The College encourages students of all faiths to develop and participate in programs through the Campus Ministry Office that affirm religious diversity and a spirit of Ecumenism. Any student who identifies him/herself as a member of a Campus Ministry team, or who distributes material labeled "Campus Ministry" or "Campus Ministries" but is not affiliated with the Emmanuel Office of Mission & Ministry, will be subject to disciplinary action.