Facility Reservation for Student Groups

Facilities are scheduled according to a ‘best use' policy for the space. Any approved College student organization or group may use a College facility, provided that the facility is deemed appropriate for the use designated. Any approved College student organization or group must go through the Office of Student Activities and Multicultural Programs to reserve space on campus. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for the reservation of all classrooms, the Janet M. Daley Library Lecture Hall, Modular Spaceand the Auditorium. The Office of Residence Life and The Jean Yawkey Center reserve their space respectively. Arrangements for special set-up requirements are made at the time of the reservation.

There is no rental fee for the reservation of college facilities by Emmanuel college student organizations. The sponsoring party is responsible for all expenses incurred by the event. This would include rental of special equipment, security detail, etc.

The sponsoring party of any event requiring Campus Safety must notify Campus Safety at least ten days before the date of the event. Arrangements/ payment for hiring security are coordinated by the organizing group through the Office of Student Activities.
Food Service
Arrangements for food service, including catered functions, must be made through the College dining service.

Media equipment can be arranged by contacting the Library Media Coordinator. Available equipment includes overhead projectors, movie or slide projectors, tape recorders, and record players. Video camera equipment can also be borrowed by inquiring at the Library.