Dining Service Policy

Cooperation on the following items helps provide better service for all students:

  1. Meal cards and College ID cards must be presented at each meal and are not transferable. 
  2. Trays and dishes must be returned to the dish room window. 
  3. Silverware and dishes are the property of the College and may not be taken from the Dining Hall. 
  4. Students may not remove food from the Dining Hall unless they have made arrangements with the food service staff. 
  5. Students are required to dress appropriately in the Dining Hall in order to meet the health code requirements that state that patrons must wear shoes and shirts on the premises. 
  6. All food items are unlimited (except at special events). 
  7. Box lunches are available if Board Plan members are unable to be present for a meal. A 24-hour notice to the Dining Service is required. 
  8. Disorderly conduct in the Dining Hall will be subject to disciplinary action. 
  9.  Students with concerns about the College dining service should direct their questions to the Director of Food Service.