Group Housing

  • In order to select Group Housing, a group must include the same number of students as spaces available in the triple, suite, or apartment the group would like to select. In other words, only a group of four can select a four-person suite, for example. A detailed description of the Group Housing process is available on the Housing Selection Information site on MySaints.
  •  Each group may submit one only Group Housing Form.
  •  All students must be listed on the Group Housing Form. Once this form has been submitted, changes cannot be made.
  •  If a member of the group has a financial hold or has not applied for housing by the March 29, 2016, deadline, that member will be dropped from the group. The remaining members of the group can then select according to their new total (e.g., three remaining members could then select only from among available triples or three-person suites).
  • Each member of the group will be assigned a value based on their class standing (current juniors: 4, current sophomores 3, current first-years: 2. A ranked order will be established based on the average of the individual group scores. In the case of a tie, the best individual lottery number within the group will serve as the determining factor. Each group will receive a "Group Number". Residence Life & Housing will e-mail this "Group Number" to the Group Contact Person on April 4, 2016, after 4:30pm. In addition, all individual group members will receive their room selection number in the event that it is necessary for them to participate in the regular Room Selection process.
  •  Please regularly check your Emmanuel e-mail and the Housing Selection Information site on MySaints for any housing-related updates.
  • If a member of a group cancels housing after selecting, the group no longer exists and may be reassigned. For example, if one member of a group of three cancels, the remaining two students would be reassigned to a double room.
  • Any group spaces available after the completion of Group Housing will be available during the Room Change Period beginning Monday, May 2, 2016.