Reflect Emmanuel

December 19

Reflect Emmanuel is a series of Advent meditations on Emmanuel, our God with us

December 19, 2013

Jocelyne Rolande, Class of 2017

Growing up in the faith and attending Catholic schools my whole life, I have often heard of the Scripture reading about Elizabeth and Zechariah and the conception of their son John. It was a miracle because Elizabeth was too old to have a child and she had not had any luck yet in her life bearing children. It reminds me of my own parents who had three miscarriages after my older sister, myself, and my younger brother. They wanted to have another child but had been unable to do so and it had been an emotional journey on the way there, seeing as two pregnancies led to stillbirths. However, when I was in seventh grade my parents were blessed enough to have my little sister, whom they named Mary. She has brought a lot of joy into our lives and what makes us appreciate her even more is the struggle we went through as a family before her birth.

Advent is a time for reflecting and preparing the way for our savior to be born. It falls during the darkest part of the year, yet it is also the first season of the Church year and symbolizes the hope of salvation in the form a humble birth. For me, it means finding light in darkness, hope in hard times, beauty in the worst circumstances. It means the birth of my wonderful little sister during a difficult period of my family’s history. It reminds us that there are good times ahead and much to look forward to, especially when times are rough. I think the best way for me to visually sum this up is through a picture of the northern lights which I had the pleasure of seeing a few years back while in North Dakota. It was -40 degrees outside and the world felt barren. Yet out of the window of our car my family was able to see this amazing sight going on. Despite the frigid weather, something incredible had found its way.