Reflect Emmanuel

December 13

Reflect Emmanuel is a series of Advent meditations on Emmanuel, our God with us

December 13, 2013

Mrs. Mary O'Neil Mahoney, Alumna Class of 1944

Scripture tells us on this feast of St. Lucy in Advent, "I the Lord, your God, teach you what is for your good and lead you on the way you should go." What could be more hopeful than Isaiah's  words? Almighty God who made us and does not then abandon us here but promises us the "light of life."

How simple this sounds, a road map to eternal life. But the road can be at times treacherous. We know, except that at times we cannot see. Having spent many years as wife and mother I look back and know that God leads us through prayer and trust in Him. It is in prayer that the Holy Spirit allows us to remember that the Eucharist, or something that we just read, a family event, or a friendship will point us back in the right direction.  Peer influence and family ties remind us who we are: children of God.

Lucy, who delighted in God's law of love, calls us to open our hearts to God's presence in and among us during this holy, light-filled season of Advent. As we grow older, we come to realize in awe "how good is the good God."  He has led us through laughter and sadness, always assuring us of Emmanuel, God with us, and that the light of life will lead us home before the Face of God.   

Image: from “The Light of Life”, Living with Christ December 2013