Other Retreat Opportunities

Campus Ministry can work with campus groups to help design and offer retreats specific to their goals and needs. Whether it be for an hour, a half-day, a full day, an overnight or a weekend and either on or off campus, Campus Ministry can offer time for reflection, silence, community building, prayer, processing, meditation, blessing, goal setting, mission building and spiritual direction.

Campus Ministry designed an overnight retreat in January 2013 for the Emmanuel College Men’s Volleyball team at the Notre Dame Spirituality Center in Ipswich, MA.

Here is what the team said about their retreat experience:

“The benefits we experienced will help us off the court just as much as on the court.”

“The retreat was so beneficial for team growth. It helped us overall with open-mindedness and team cohesion.”

“I feel way more connected with my teammates and feel like retreats like this would help other team’s chemistry.”

“I really learned a lot about teammates that I never would have learned if I wasn’t here with them.”

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