A reflective retreat for seniors and juniors seeking their path.

InterMission is an overnight retreat originally developed by the Jesuits of Boston College. With the use of Ignatian discernment principles, students are encouraged to reflect on their past, present, and future and to make a connection between their talents, their dreams, and the world’s greatest needs.

InterMission will aid students in finding the answers to questions like:

What am I passionate about?
What am I good at?
Will what I do make a difference in the world? What resources do I need?

Through talks given by students, faculty and staff, small group activities and time for reflection, InterMission hopes to provide you with an opportunity to discover your God-given vocation.

InterMission registration is open to all seniors and, if space is available, to juniors.

What students have said about their InterMission experience:

“I decided to participate in InterMission as a way to continue discerning about what I want to do after I graduate this May. InterMission was a great experience—it was some time away from campus and a day to reflect.”

“This retreat helped me IMMENSELY in terms of where I am going and how I am going to get there.”

“Very calming and amazing, really helped me, got me to really start thinking about what to do after school/what internships to look for as well as realizing that everyone feels the same way.”

“InterMission helped me relax and prepare for my summer studying abroad. Through the reflections and staff testimonials I was able to realize what I wanted to achieve during my summer!”

“It is a great way to sit down and think about your life and what you can offer to the world. Probably wouldn’t have time to do this on campus!”

“It’s a great time to reflect and focus on the big life changes coming up. It was a great time to connect to others, God, and myself.”

“This weekend helped me so much. I have realized a lot with jobs, friendships, relationships and life.”

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