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Emmanuel Leadership Academy

The Emmanuel College Leadership Academy is a leadership development program geared toward first-year college students who demonstrate leadership potential, commitment to the future of Emmanuel College and a strong drive to achieve great things at EC. The Leadership Academy is based in the social change model of leadership, which is a purposeful, collaborative, values-based approach that results in positive change for participants and the larger campus community.

Using a small cohort model, facilitators and participants will meet weekly to engage in conversations around the 8 C's of social change: Citizenship, Collaboration, Common Purpose, Controversy with Civility, Consciousness of Self, Congruence and Commitment.  Students will keep a leadership journal, and work on a year long reflection process that will illumniate the ways they may become change agents on campus and beyond.

Leadership Academy shows the College's commitment to, and investment in, the development of student leaders. This yearlong leadership development program will prepare participants to take on roles within the college and challenge them to begin creating a legacy during their college experience.  Our leadership model will also help to reinforce the college's commitment to service and community engagement.

Interested students should complete our online interest form as soon as possible, our program will kick off on September 21, 2017.


Through the Emmanuel College Leadership Academy it is projected that student leaders will:

  • Comprehend and understand professionalism.
  • Understand and expand upon leadership styles and group dynamics.
  • Expand on previous leadership skills and perspectives.
  • Create an environment of education and will become a positive campus role model and future leader.
  • Establish a feeling of confidence, competence, resourcefulness and respect through their leadership.
  • Learn the networking process both social and physical in education and professional settings.


Those accepted into Leadership Academy are expected to attend regularly scheduled lectures, mentor group meetings and workshops. Applications for Academy participants are available in September, and applicants must attend one information session before applying. Information Session dates will be announced during Welcome Week.


Nicholas Joyce '16
"The First-Year Focus Leadership Academy enables Emmanuel College first-year students to learn the proper tools and resources they will need to become student leaders. The Leadership Academy helps with skills like goal setting, public speaking and time management to use in their future leadership positions on Emmanuel's campus and within the city of Boston."

Alexandra Schroll '16
"The First-Year Focus Leadership Academy is the introduction to several levels of workshops and lectures designed to help student leaders heighten their capabilities as well as work on their weaker areas. In this program, first-year students learn what type of leaders they are and learn the many different ways in which they can be the best leader possible. This program helps students learn to network, get acquainted with the college and city, and also adds in a service portion which helps spread the mission of our institution. The exercises and lectures are designed to challenge students and push them to be professional, not only in the program, but in every aspect of their life."

Mary Stathos '16
"Through lectures and workshops, members of the First-Year Focus Leadership Academy get to know each other as well as scratch the surface of the different leadership styles and how to unlock their full leadership potential in professional, educational and personal settings. By familiarizing yourself with new leadership techniques and learning more about Emmanuel and the surrounding community, members will exit the program ready to be leaders both on and off campus, exerting a new sense of confidence and leadership with the fellow members of the Academy. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet people serious about taking an active role in the Emmanuel community and to unlock some serious personal leadership potential."


For more information on Leadership Academy, please contact Kelli Connors, Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership Development.