Commuter Student Life

Welcome to Commuter Student Life at Emmanuel College! Our goal is to ensure that the unique needs of commuter students are met. Offices and departments across campus offer several services and opportunities with this goal in mind.

If you have any questions or concerns about your commuter experience, email Zach Pelletier at , Director of Student Center Services.

Fitness Passes

In addition to your access to fitness facilities on campus (Jean Yawkey Center and St. Joseph's Hall Basement) and to Roberto Clemente Field, students have access to the Simmons College William J. Holmes Sports & Fitness Center for swimming, aerobics and other fitness activities. In order to obtain a pass, you must leave your Emmanuel ID with the Jean Yawkey Center Information Desk. Upon your return to campus, you can exchange the pass for your ID.

Commuter Lounge

Looking for a place to relax between classes, play some board games, store food, or study that's just for you? The third floor of Marian Hall has the Commuter Lounge, the official hangout for Emmanuel's commuter students. It comes with a whiteboard wall, computers, small kitchen area, television, and great company.

Discounted MBTA Passes

Prior to the start of each semester, you will have the opportunity to register for a discounted MBTA pass. These passes are offered at a discount from standard pricing and all students are eligible to register. Information on how to sign up will be sent to you, so keep an eye out for it toward the tail end of each semester!


As a commuter, you are eligible to rent a locker to minimize the amount of "stuff" you have to carry around campus! You will receive a lock and a locker assignment. Lockers left in good condition with the lock returned will recieve a partial refund on their locker rental deposit. There are limited lockers avaialble. Interested in getting a locker? Click here to request one.

Study Space

Time on campus isn't all classes and meetings; you may want to find somewhere to hang out and relax outside of the commuter lounge.

Here are a few suggested places to spend your free time:

  • Jean Yawkey Center Atriums: It's your living room on campus, so treat it just like that. This location features comfortable seating and close proximity to dining, the bookstore, and one of our fitness centers.

  • Maureen Murphy Wilkens Science Center Lounges: Each floor of the Maureen Murphy Wilkens Science Center features an open lounge space, and could be a convenient place to rest between classes.

  • Corner Pocket Game Room (located in St. Joseph Hall): Yes, it's located in a residence hall, but this game room is open to everyone! This space features vending machines, billiards, gaming stations, ping pong, darts, foosball, and more.

  • The Basement (located in St. Joseph Hall): It's a great place to study during the day and enjoy entertainment at night. The dual-purpose location offers easy-move tables and chairs for both group and individual studying as well as a kitchen area to to heat up a snack. The evening brings live entertainment from student groups across campus such as open mic nights, poetry slams, lectures, dinners, etc.

Meal Plans

If you commute to campus, you have the option of purchase a meal plan that aligns with your schedule. Please note-starting Fall 2018, Emmanuel will transition its available meal plans to a block model. This will provide increased flexibility for students. More details about the plans can be found on the Cafe Bon Appetit website.

Students wishing to purchase a commuter meal plan must do so each semester. Commuter meal plans are non-refundable, so think about how often you'll be on campus to use it and if it's the right choice for you.


A limited number of parking spaces are available for commuter students commuting from home. If public transportation can get you to campus, that is our preferred method of transportation for you. For those interested in requested a parking application, you may contact MaryAnne Murphy, Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

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