Student Life


Below you'll find a list of our academic organizations and their mission statements. If you're interested in joining a group and can't find the contact, please e-mail and we can connect you with the group of your choice!

Chemistry Club
The purpose of the Chemistry Club is to increase scientific literacy and interest in a fun and casual environment.

EC Business Club
ECBC brings together students interested in business to discuss and relate business to the real world, while making it fun and relevant to student's lives.

EC Historical Association

Education Club
The Education Club aims to provide a space for future educators or anyone intrigued by education to discuss their future and how they are reaching their goals. We strive to serve our community by providing opportunities for local students and teachers to expand their learning and become increasingly invested in the world around them, while also doing all we can to create and serve programs that invest in children.

Psychology Club
The purpose of the Psychology Club is to encourage a strong community interest in the field of psychology as well as the involvement of students in understanding the human mind and mental health in a fun and interactive setting.

Sociology Club
The purpose of this club is to raise awareness and inform students about sociological issues, centering around the three concentrations of social justice and inequality; human services; and crime and justice.

Ulysses Book Club
The purpose of the Ulysses Book Club is to offer students an opportunity to read classic works of world literature in a non-academic group setting to facilitate learning and enjoyment of classic world literature in their societal context.