Looking to enrich your coursework or explore a subject area outside of your major? Check out the below list of academic organizations and click on any group name to connect with a representative via email.  You can also contact us at and to connect with the group of your choice!

Biology Club
The mission of the Biology Club is to enrich the minds of student who wish to broaden their scientific horizons. We provide opportunities to students who may not be aware of what's happening in the Boston area regarding science and healthcare opportunities. We strive to educate and support science-loving students from throughout the Colleges of Fenway.

Business Leaders of Emmanuel College (BLEC)
BLEC brings together members of the Emmanuel community who share a common interest in business and economics. We believe that the best way to learn about business is to have fun with it. Members discuss critical issues facing the business world today and plan events that take a more in-depth look at business and how it relates to our lives. We give students the opportunity to combine their academic knowledge with real world situations and network with professionals through presentations and discussions. In addition, it is our goal to provide a forum for anyone interested in business, both majors and non-majors.

Chemistry Club
We strive to increase scientific literacy and interest in a fun and casual environment for all members.

Communications Club
Emmanuel College Communications Club works to create an open forum for discussion of media and culture, fostered by an innovative, creative, and honest exchange of ideas and opinions.

Education Club
The Education Club aims to provide a space for future educators or anyone else intrigued by education to discuss their future and how they are reaching their goals. We strive to serve our community by providing opportunities for local students and teachers to expand their learning and become increasingly invested in the world around them, while also doing all we can to create programs that invest in children.

Graphic Design Club
Our Mission, as the Graphic Design Club of Emmanuel College is to provide an environment for designers to grow. This club is open to graphic design majors, minors and non-majors alike, anyone who has an interest in design or visual communication.

History Club
Emmanuel College's History Club is geared towards giving students the opportunity to love history- through experience and discussion.

Literary Society
The purpose of this club is to offer students with wide-ranging interests an opportunity to read and discuss great works of literature in an open, non-academic group setting.

Math Club
Our mission is to  facilitate the learning and appreciation of mathematics and its applications.

Philosophy Club
Philosophy Club provides an engaging and fun setting for students to discuss philosophy.

Psychology Club
Our mission is to encourage a strong community interest in the field of psychology as well as the involvement of students in understanding the human mind- and the growing importance of mental health- in a fun and interactive setting.

Sociology Club
The Sociology Club of Emmanuel College serves to promote education about the academic field of sociology as well as awareness of issues within today's society. The club offers educational discussion, as well as opportunities to serve the community through the lens of a sociological understanding. The club concentrates on the areas of Social Justice, Human Services, and Criminal Justice.