RN-to-BSN Courses and Degree Requirements

Your progress through the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree program is self-paced. Calendar time for program completion of our BSN courses is based upon student choice of a full-time or part-time program of study and transfer credit evaluation. All modified accelerated BSN courses include a major element of independent study; nursing classes meet six times over the semester.

All BSN courses are 4 credits unless noted otherwise. There are some prerequisites for nursing courses. 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Major Courses 

  • NURS3101 Concepts of Professional Practice
  • NURS3103 Health Assessment
  • NURS3105 Research in Nursing Practice
  • NURS3107 Leadership and Professional Roles in Nursing
  • NURS3108 Nursing Informatics and Computer Applications
  • NURS3111 Public Health and the Professional Nurse
  • NURS3113 Diversity in Health Care 
  • NURS3115 Contemporary Healing Interventions 
  • NURS3117 Health Promotion in Nursing Practice
  • NURS4170 Health Promotion Practicum
  • NURS4171 Senior Seminar

Prerequisite Courses:

Scientific Inquiry:

  • BIOL2135 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIOL2137 Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIOL3127 Microbiology

Social Analysis:

  • SOC1101 Introduction to Sociology (SA)
  • PSYCH1501 General Psychology (SA)
  • PSYCH2303 Child and Adolescent Psychology (SA)

General Studies: 

  • Moral Reasoning, Aesthetic Inquiry & Historical Consciousness (two courses)
  • Theology and Religious Thought (one course)
  • Statistics for Nursing Professionals (one course)
  • Writing for Nursing Professionals (one course)
  • General Elective (two courses)

Total Requirements for Degree: 128 credits

Residency Requirement: 40* credits (must complete all of the required Nursing major courses)
*The 40 credit residency requirement will be in effect for new students, enrolling in the program in Fall 2017  

View the 2016-2017 Academic Catalog to find course titles, numbers and descriptions.