Graduate & Professional Programs

Current Program Requirements

Emmanuel’s programs are ever-evolving to meet the needs motivations of its student body. The current programs in biopharmaceutical leadership and business administration, as listed below, are no longer accepting new students.

Biopharmaceutical Leadership

Scientists working in the biopharmaceutical industry require leadership and management skills that are often not part of their academic preparation. Emmanuel College responds to the unique needs of these scientists by providing specialized opportunities to earn an academic, graduate-level credential and expand professional networks.

Emmanuel’s Master of Science in Management with specialization in Biopharmaceutical Leadership enables scientists to combine critical learning in the field of biopharmaceutical leadership with the management knowledge and business skills required to be successful professionals.

The Graduate Certificate in Biopharmaceutical Leadership provides flexible and innovative educational opportunities for scientists currently working or interested in working in the biopharmaceutical research environment.

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Business Administration

The undergraduate program in business administration is an accelerated degree program designed for working adults. The high quality curriculum challenges and inspires students for career success both today and tomorrow. The work and life experience of each student is viewed as an essential contribution to the course experience. Students apply management concepts to the real-world issues they face in their professional lives.

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