Master of Science in Human Resource Management

If you’re interested in building a career in human resource management, this is the program for you. From strategy and negotiations to benefits and compensation, you’ll be exposed to all elements of human resource management through exciting and interactive classes.

Seven-week courses are offered throughout the year and the program can be completed either in-person or in a blended format. Emmanuel’s online instructor-led, tailored course content is presented in an asynchronous learning format.

As a Master of Science in Human Resource Management student, you will:

  • Explore the most progressive and innovative human resources techniques
  • Gain an understanding of the human resources environment and its unique characteristics
  • Learn to think, make decisions and organize complicated issues
  • Understand human resources fundamentals
  • Enhance your ability to tackle real-world problems that companies experience
  • Prepare for the types of activities you will be asked to perform early in your career

This dynamic degree will put you ahead in understanding the opportunities and challenges human resources professionals at a wide range of companies are facing today. Employers are looking for the type of direct human resources knowledge you’ll bring to the job with this degree.

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