Faculty Student Connections

Emmanuel College educational experience. It is a place filled with the type of personal interactions, opportunities and outcomes that are simply not available everywhere.

As part of the Neuroimmunology Research Project (NIRP), students work side-by-side with Associate Professors of Biology Dr. Josef Kurtz and Dr. Todd Williams. This student-research group has gained national recognition among peer groups, having pioneered a split-brain technique for evaluating populations of microglia cells, the immune cells of the central nervous system.

"It's a big deal," said Dr. Kurtz. "I think these students realize that by work¬ing with the NIRP group it has opened a lot of doors." 

Within Associate Professor of English Dr. Mary Beth Pope's creative writing courses, students are required to submit their work for publication to get a sense for what the process entails.

"I was never taught this even as a graduate student. It is information faculty for some reason do not either bother to share or do not think students need to know at that point," said Dr. Pope. "I feel very strongly about teaching students where to go to get the information they need about publishing their work."