Class Traditions

Traditions play a major role in the life of Emmanuel College men and women. Many of these traditions can be traced back to the very first years of the college's founding. Each year, an Emmanuel student experiences a new class tradition, marking yet another milestone in his or her career as a student.

Senior Cap and Gown Ceremony
Dating back to the first graduating class, the class of 1923, the Cap and Gown Ceremony has historically marked the beginning of the senior year. The Ceremony provides an opportunity for seniors to don their caps and gowns and recognizes their status as seniors at Emmanuel.

Junior Ring and Tassel Ceremony
The Junior Ring Ceremony is an important tradition for juniors at Emmanuel as they celebrate their status as upper-class students. Juniors participating in the ceremony select an alumnus or current senior to present them with their ring and/or tassel to support them in their continued success at Emmanuel.

Sophomore Pinning Ceremony
Every spring, sophomores mark their selection of a major field of study with a pinning ceremony. Faculty present students in their department with a traditional Emmanuel pin. Students must officially declare their major to participate.

President's Welcome for First-Year Students
All new students are welcomed into the Emmanuel community with an official greeting from the President, the presentation of a class banner and an official class photograph, beginning a week of exciting activities.