Learning Management System (ECLearn) Training + Support

Provide introductory training on LMS - currently ECLearn - via online orientation courses for students and faculty.

Provide a range of additional trainings for faculty and administrators on specific aspects, including use of rubrics, creating assignments, facilitating online discussions, and more. Information on best practices.

Workshops, programs and consultations on Emmanuel's learning platform, ECLearn. Department- or discipline-specific training by request. 24/7 troubleshooting support direct from Canvas via the "help" link in ECLearn.

For access and enrollment issues within ECLearn, please first verify enrollment status with the Registrar's Office, then contact helpdesk@emmanuel.edu.

See our training schedule at Training schedule: http://events.emmanuel.edu/search/events?search=academic+technology or e-mail at@emmanuel.edu For 24/7 assistance with ECLearn issues, call toll-free: 877-472-1040. For access and enrollment issues within ECLearn, please contact helpdesk@emmanuel.edu.