Institutional Typefaces

There are two major typefaces designated for all printed Emmanuel College communications. The serif font family is called Sabon. For running text and most common needs, Sabon Roman should be used. Use upper- and lowercase with initial cap style for headlines and titles.

Sabon Bold, Sabon Italic, and Sabon Small Caps should be used sparingly and for emphasis, where appropriate. Use only one level of separation between font styles (just bold or just italic, never bold and italic). And, never use more than three or four styles on most documents, in total.

Use sans-serif font Frutiger when you need more separation between styles. Frutiger 45, 55, 65, and 75 are Roman. Frutiger 46, 56, 66, and 76 are italic.


Sabon Roman is the primary font for all Emmanuel College communications. Within the font family, Sabon Bold, Italic and Small Caps may also be used for emphasis.

Sabon Roman

Sabon Small Caps

Sans Serif
Frutiger 45, 55, 65 and 75 are roman fonts. Frutiger 46, 56, 66, and 76 are italic fonts. Skip one font number if you need a bold for more emphasis. Use 45 with 65, or 55 with 75. Or 46 with 66, or 56 with 76.


Institutional Color Palette

Throughout all color reproduction processes, color selection should be limited to these major institutional choices. The Emmanuel College blue used for our name and seal is the most recognizable symbol affiliated with our school. All other colors should be chosen carefully from this palette to attract your target audience and provide the best opportunities for legibility, quality of reproduction, and appropriateness.

The top four colors create the primary core colors for Emmanuel College.