October 5, 2018

Students Present Pioneering Summer Research Projects

Forty-two Emmanuel students showcased their summer research and special academic projects at the College's Summer Research Poster Session on Thursday, September 27, in the Maureen Murphy Wilkens Science Center.

The multidimensional research and collaboration that occurred this past summer between faculty and students, on campus and beyond, was on display for the community at this signature event.

Mathematics and chemistry double major Robert Jencks '19, was the recipient of the Catherine McLaughlin Hakim '70 Prize for the best summer research poster. Drs. Ben Allen and Christine Sample served as his research advisors.

Congratulations to all of our student researchers on their hard work this summer! See a list of poster presentations below.


Weaving and Natural Dyes at Penland School of Crafts (work completed through the Emmanuel College Travel Fellowship)
Student Researcher: Hannah Lynch '19


Developing a highly efficient method to create functional fluorescent Fusion proteins
Student Researchers: Jessica Huynh '19; Ashleigh Meyer '20; Dallis Sergio '19
Supervising Faculty: Paul March  

Immune Cytokine Levels during Neurological and Systematic Inflammation caused by the Cancer Therapeutic Drug Busulfan
Student Researcher: Sarah Nickles '19
Supervising Faculty: Todd Williams  

The first DNA cut is the deepest: Optimizing CRISPR-Cas9 for yeast genetic engineering
Student Researchers: Cara Welsh '19 and Shane Mitchell '21
Supervising Faculty: Jason Kuehner  

Protein-Protein Interactions during Transcription in E.coli
Student Researchers: Lily Kelley '19, Ashley Cronin '21
Supervising Faculty: Padraig Deighan  

A CURE for Tuberculosis
Student Researchers: Ilias Vamvakas '19; Megan Long '21; Ashley Cronin '21; Andrew Farinha '17
Supervising Faculty: Padraig Deighan   


Measuring the Kinetics of DNA Cleavage with Single Molecule Resolution
Student Researchers: Stephen Parziale '19; Nathaniel Dale '21; Karissa Mehrtens '19; Emily Matozel '20; Anna Ware '19
Supervising Faculty: Allen Price  

Using Stripping Voltammetry for Rapid Diagnostics Tests for Malaria
Student Researcher: Katarina Kozicki '21
Supervising Faculty: Aren Gerdon

Developing a mechanism for calcium carbonate mineralization in coral polyps using microfluidics
Student Researcher: Sam Tierney '20
Supervising Faculty: Aren Gerdon  

Effects of Selected DNA Aptamers on the Morphology and Crystallinity of Hydroxyapatite
Student Researcher: Alex Paige '20
Supervising Faculty: Aren Gerdon  

DNA Aptamers that Selectively Bind to Hydroxyapatite
Student Researcher: Emma Duffy '19
Supervising Faculty: Aren Gerdon  

Calcium phosphate supersaturation ratios alter DNA-templated mineralization in solution
Student Researcher: Jake Shlaferman '19
Supervising Faculty: Aren Gerdon  


Seeing is Doing: The Impact of Fitness Posts on Body Image
Student Researcher: Lauren E. Champigny '19
Supervising Faculty: Mark Flynn  


Survey Analysis: Science Equity and Access
Student Researcher: Kelly Bagdonas '20
Supervising Faculty: Sr. Karen Hokanson, SNDdeN  

Understanding Limits Through Concept Maps
Student Researcher: Julia Shapiro '20
Supervising Faculty: Patterson Rogers   

Community Resources for Inclusive Classrooms
Student Researcher: Catie Montgomerie '19
Supervising Faculty: Lisa Schneier  


Glocal Lenses on Foodways, Feast Craze, School Daze: Staples of Identity among Chinese and Italian Immigrants in Boston
Student Researchers: Amanda Farina '19; Olivia Richard '19
Supervising Faculty: Violetta Ravagnoli  


Significant Amplifiers and Suppressors under Death-Birth Updating
Student Researcher: Robert Jencks '19
Supervising Faculty: Benjamin Allen and Christine Sample  

Significant Amplifiers and Suppressors under Death-Birth Updating on Graphs 
Student Researchers: Robert Jencks '19; Josh Kolodny '19; Patricia Steinhagen '20; Lori Brizuela '20 
Supervising Faculty: Benjamin Allen and Christine Sample  

Emmanuel College Mathematics Department Summer Research
Student Researcher: Rachel Gammal '18 Supervising Faculty: Heather Pierce  


Does reduced Ankyrin 3 gene expression impair hippocampal-dependent associative learning? A pilot study using a pattern separation protocol
Student Researchers: Sarah Lakshmi Haferman '19; Madison Garnick '19; Robert B. McCormack '19
Supervising Faculty: Melanie Leussis  

The Role of Nuclear Transport and KLF Transcription Factors in Regulating Stress Response Signaling in the Model Organism C. elegans
Student Researchers: Allison Carroll '19; Katherine Gilmore '19
Supervising Faculty: Natalie Karagodsky  

Cell Count Changes in the Visual Cortex after Retinal Degeneration
Student Researchers: Maddy Boduch '19; Dan Trainor '19; Seth Thomas '20; Sayo Falayi '20; Carol Abedelnour '21
Supervising Faculty: Michael Jarvinen

Mathematics and chemistry double major Robert Jencks '19, recipient of the Catherine McLaughlin Hakim '70 Prize

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