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January 12, 2012

Faculty News January 2012

Read the latest news on Emmanuel faculty publications, presentations, exhibitions and more!

Special Instructor of Journalism Mark Baard is serving as the faculty advisor to The Hub, the new student newspaper, which published its first issue in December. Special Instructor of English Katie Liesener is also providing direction to The Hub's reporters.

Special Instructor of History Dane Cash successfully defended his dissertation titled "The Forgotten Debate: American Political Opinion Journals and the Korean War, 1950-1953" at Boston University.

Assistant Professor of Sociology Catherine Simpson Bueker's article entitled "Resources, Relevance, and Relationships: Differential Motivations behind Local Civic Engagement over Park Usage" was accepted by the New England Journal of Political Science.

Students in Associate Professor of Management/Economics Patricia Clarke's service-learning course, "Personal Finance," recently conducted Financial Literacy Workshops on campus. Small poster sessions were based on a course research project and included college loans, apartment rental, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), health insurance, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), cell phone plans and credit cards.

Associate Professor of Mathematics Yulia Dementieva's co-authored the paper "Why Has the BMI Gone Up So Drastically in the Last 35 Years?," which was published in December in the Journal of Addiction Medicine.

Associate Professor of Art Cynthia Fowler's article, "Herman Trunk's Cubist Crucifix: A Case Study" was just released by Religion and the Arts, a journal published by Boston College.

Professor of Theology and Religious Studies Mary Hines gave a presentation in December to the wives of the men studying for the permanent diaconate in the archdiocese. The presentation was entitled "In Search of Mary" and focused on changing images of Mary in Christian history.

Assistant Professor of Economics Shuyi Jiang's paper "Survival in the U.S. Petroleum Refining Industry" was accepted by the Journal of Applied Statistics.

Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies Laurie Johnston had an essay on teaching bioethics accepted for publication in Health Care Ethics USA. Her review of the book "Peacebuilding: Catholic Theology, Ethics and Praxis" will also appear shortly in the journal Theological Studies.

Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies Fr. Thomas Leclerc was invited to write a review of: "The Desert Will Bloom: Poetic Visions of Isaiah" for the journal Semitic Studies (Sheffield, England).

Associate Professor of Psychology Linda Lin will serve as the chair of the department beginning in spring 2012.

Wyant Professor and Professor of Political Science Lenore G. Martin and Jordan Colon '13 presented a paper titled: "Turkey-Israel: From Friendship to What?" at the Northeastern Political Science Association meeting in Philadelphia in November.

Special Instructor of History Michael McGuire successfully defended his dissertation titled "An Ephemeral Relationship: American Non-Governmental Organizations, the Reconstruction of France, and Franco-American Relations, 1914-1924" at Boston University.

Assistant Professor of Management Sharon McKechnie co-presented the paper titled "Perceptions of Intentional and Unintentional Discrimination" at the Gerontological Society of America 64th Annual Meeting in Boston on November 18th.

Sixteen Emmanuel College students joined Assistant Professor of Economics Rebecca Moryl to volunteer their time to help City Mission Society of Boston prepare to give more than 400 coats to children in need from the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.

Assistant Professor of Political Science Adam Silver served as a discussant on a panel entitled, "Howard Zinn: A Democratic Theory in Disobedience and a Legacy for a New Generation in Political Science" at the Northeastern Political Science Association meeting in Philadelphia in November.

Students in Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education Kimberly Sofronas' Elementary Mathematics Methods course spent the fall 2011 semester designing mathematical games and developing mathematical materials for third-grade students at a developing elementary school in Harper, Maryland County Liberia. Dr. Sofronas is working collaboratively with Blidi Stemn, professor of mathematics education at Hofstra University, to bring mathematical instructional materials to Liberian children.

Professor of English Lisa Stepanski has been named to the Mary Baker Eddy Library Board of Trustees. The Mary Baker Eddy Library's mission is to promote "exploration and scholarship through its collections, exhibits and programs."

Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies Jon Paul Sydnor won a Whiting Foundation grant to study Hinduism and interreligious relations in Trinidad.

Associate Professor of Political Science Petros Vamvakas presented a paper titled: "Lotus Eaters of a Bitter Country: Consumption and the Limits of Greek Democracy" at the Northeastern Political Science Association meeting in Philadelphia in November.