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Faculty Highlights for March 2014

March 13, 2014

The latest on faculty honors, publications, presentations and more.

Assistant Professor of Psychology Jacqueline Alfonso Barry provided training in motivational interviewing and the empirically-supported "Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS)" to the counseling center and wellness staff of The Boston Conservatory. Her training was well-received and will contribute to the implementation of best-practices for students in need of clinical services.

Assistant Professor of Nursing Nola Della-Monica's article, "Breast cancer threat appraisal: design and psychometric analysis of a new scale for older women," with co-author R. Wood, was published in the International Journal of Older People Nursing.

Assistant Professor of Education Sister Karen Hokanson, SND was appointed as Chair of the Trustee Academic Affairs Committee at Trinity Washington University in Washington, D.C. Sister Karen is presently serving her third year as a Trustee at Trinity Washington University.

Associate Professor of Biology and Department Chair Josef Kurtz co-authored a research paper with Alex Albritton '12 entitled, "Vascularized composite allograft tolerance across MHC barriers in a large animal model," which was published in the January 2014 edition of American Journal of Transplantation.  The paper details Kurtz's work in the immunobiology of hand and face transplantation.

On February 12th, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair Christine Jaworek-Lopes and Ashley Smith '15 facilitated a workshop on synthesis of paint pigments as part of the series, "Art Conservation: The Intersection of Art, Science and History" at the Boston Public Library.

On February 11th, Professor of Political Science Lenore Martin presented two talks, "Turkey at the Crossroad" and "The Political Impact in Turkey of the Syrian Refugee Crisis," at the World Boston's Great Decisions Series at the Boston Public Library.

Associate Professor of Management Sharon McKechnie's paper, "Can I use wikipedia for the paper? Searching for better information literacy," with co-authors J.S. Leigh and J.E. Beatty has been accepted for presentation at the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference to be held at Vanderbilt University in June 2014.

Assistant Professor of Economics and Department Chair Rebecca Moryl's article, "Podcasts as a tool for teaching economics," has been accepted for publication in the Summer 2014 issue of the Journal of Economic Education. The article highlights Moryl's website,, which is a resource for economics instructors. To date, has been viewed by more than 1,000 educators in over 70 countries.

In December 2013, Associate Professor of Art Megumi Naitoh's work was featured in the group exhibition, "Wonderland," at the Milton Keynes Art Centre, in the U.K.  Her art also became a part of the Digital Craft Collection at Manchester School of Art in Manchester, U.K.

Professor of Political Science Marie Natoli's article, "A Water Shed Election: The 2012 Presidential Election, Politics and Policies," was accepted to the International Journal of Arts and Sciences, to be published Spring 2014.

Associate Professor of English Mary Beth Pope was interviewed by The Brookline Hub.  The interview appeared in their February "Booked" feature.

Associate Professor of Theology + Religious Studies Jon Paul Sydnor appeared on Travels with Jack on Framingham Access Television, where he discussed his trip to Trinidad to study Hinduism and interreligious relations. His trip was funded by a teaching grant from the Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation.

Assistant Professor of Psychology Xiaowei Zhao's review article, "Self-organizing map models of language acquisition," with co-author P. Li, was published in the November 2013 issue of Frontiers in Psychology.