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April 23, 2015

Burmann '15 Takes on Internship at NESN

Brett Burmann '15, an English communications + media studies major, loves sports and is pursuing a sports-related career by interning this semester at NESN (New England Sports Network).

Brett Burmann '15

Brett Burmann '15 has been a Boston Red Sox fan his entire life, and when looking for colleges, he knew wanted to be near his favorite team. Upon entering Emmanuel's campus, Burmann felt it was the place for him - a small school with a golf team, located within walking distance of Fenway Park.

"Emmanuel was definitely the school I always wanted to go to, because it's right in the middle of Boston," Burmann said.

Burmann, an English communications + media studies major and management minor, transferred into Emmanuel from Salem State University at the start of his sophomore year. Aside from playing on the golf team and watching sports, Burmann has also wanted to pursue a sports-related career.

As a senior in high school, Burmann interned at CBS Sports and shadowed a producer, who was also a family friend - this experience instilled in him the desire to work in sports television. The producer's college major was journalism, so Burmann thought that's what he should major in; however, his internship experience, along with his courses at Emmanuel, made him stray away from sports journalism and gravitate more toward the sales side of the communications world.

"I think I have the personality for sales. I think that's where I'm growing," said Burmann, whose current internship at NESN (New England Sports Network ) has helped further this realization.

In January, Burmann became the sales and traffic intern at NESN; he interacts with account executives from companies who are looking to buy airtime through sending invoices, creating PowerPoints for presentations, verifying if and when commercials aired and pulling up old advertising footage. Burmann works closely with the company's sales assistant and national sales manager.

Burmann was introduced to new kinds of data-pulling software at NESN, which he was intimidated to use at first, but in the last few months, Burmann has become comfortable with the team and workload, and he is always eager to learn and do more for the team.

"There's all these account executives that I, as the intern, get to talk to. It's pretty amazing that I've been there for only three months and I'm this involved," he said. "I can definitely see myself in sales in sports. I'm enjoying this internship and I would love an opportunity to grow here."

The Emmanuel senior isn't surprised that he's leaning towards a career in sales, because his mother is a real estate agent and many of his older friends work in the field - although, ideally, Burmann would like to stay within the sports field.

"I know it's something I'd definitely be interested in doing for the rest of my life," Burmann said. "The CBS producer told me he wakes up every morning and he doesn't go to work, he goes to something he loves. He doesn't call it his job - that's my ultimate goal, doing something I love to do."

Burmann is thankful for his internship experience at NESN because it has given him a glimpse into the working world, including the schedule, duties and environment of the field he is interested in. Although he has found it intimidating to be around successful, important people in the business, Burmann says he is getting better at being open and networking in the workplace.

"When you're applying to jobs, they're looking for work experience. It doesn't always matter which school you went to, you need that work experience coming out," he said.

With graduation less than a month away, Burmann is excited, yet nervous, to find a job. He's been applying to jobs and hopes a position at NESN will become available for him to pursue. Another option for Burmann is broadening his horizons in the world of sales, to apply his business and communications skills elsewhere, like in real estate.

"The four years flew by fast. I will remember it all. It's sad it's ending, but it's time to grow up," Burmann said. "I'm happy I'm graduating from here."