Calendar Help

The Emmanuel College Events Calendar is your online guide to all of the Emmanuel events happening on and off campus.

Take a quick look at what's happening on a given day or week, sign up to follow the events of your favorite clubs and departments, sync your personal calendar to store all the events you've RSVP'd for, and much more.

It All Starts With Logging In

To use all the best features of the calendar, it all starts with logging in.

If you're a current Emmanuel student, faculty or staff member, you can use your MySaints portal account. Just click Login and then the blue MySaints portal button to enter your username and password.

If you're a family member, alumni or prospective student who doesn't have a MySaints portal account, click Join to set up your account. The next time you visit the calendar, click Login and then Emmanuel Calendar to enter your username and password.

Editing Personal Settings

You decide how much information you want to share with others through the Emmanuel Events calendar. You can upload a personal picture, connect with friends, sync your Facebook account and more. To edit your personal settings, first log into your account by clicking the Log In button. Then click on Account at the top right of the page.

Social Media, Notifications and Privacy

Beneath the Account > Settings section, you control how much you want to share with others, and how much you want the calendar to share with you:

  • Account Settings: Update your name, e-mail and connect your Facebook account.
  • Notifications: Update e-mail preferences for alerts, event digests and more.
  • Privacy: Limit the information that others can see about you, such as who can see your event RSVP status.

Edit Profile
Change your profile photo and add demographic information like your gender and birthday.

My Calendar
See events you've RSVP'd for and sync the events calendar (link to next anchor) with your personal iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar, or your RSS feed reader.

Sharing via Social Media

If you connect your Facebook account within your personal settings, you can share with friends that you're going to an event and ask them to join you. To change this setting, log into your account via the Login button at the top of the page, then click Account > Account Settings > Facebook Log In.

Once you have synced your Facebook account, you'll now have the option whenever you RSVP for an event to share the info on Facebook. You can also promote the event on Facebook via the Like button on each event page, or by using the related hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

RSVP For Event

When you are interested in an event, you have two options to continue to get information about it. You can select either Watch This or I'm Going.

Watch This: Watching an event will keep it on your list of events on your profile page that interest you. You haven't committed to it, but you find it intriguing.

I'm Going: Selecting that you're going to an event will add the event to your personal calendar. Based on your privacy settings, your profile photo will appear in the list of attendees and you'll have the option to share with friends via Facebook that you're attending the event.

Syncing the Events Calendar

You can sync the Events Calendar with your personal iCal, Outlook or Google calendar, or create a personal RSS feed. This will automatically tell the calendar to add events you've RSVP'd for to your personal calendar, and update the listing on your calendar if any event details (time, location, etc.) are changed.

To sync with your personal calendar, click Account then My Calendar. At the bottom right of the page, you'll see your subscription options. Click on the option - RSS, iCal & Outlook or Google Calendar - that best suits you, then follow the prompts to sync with the Emmanuel events calendar. You can unsubscribe at any time by removing your subscription from your personal calendar.

Following Groups

You can find an Emmanuel College group several ways. On the home page you can either search for the group in the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the page or you can find a complete listing of clubs under Groups in the righthand column.

You can also find a group on the event detail page. Sponsoring clubs are listed beneath the description of the event.

By clicking on the link, it will bring you to that group's page where you can send a request to join the group. Once an administrator for that group has accepted you, that group will be a part of your Events profile so the page and the group's events are easy to access.

Entering a New Event

Any user can enter an Emmanuel College event by clicking Add New Event. The listing for this new event will go into a pending queue to be approved by an Administrator. Administrators are able to enter an event and have details show up immediately. If you are an Emmanuel College faculty or staff member and would like administrative access, please e-mail