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Student Consumer Information

In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, the College has made available the following student consumer information.

Academic Programs + Policies

Academic Programs
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Institutional + Program Accreditation
Information for Students with Disabilities
Copyright Infringement Policies 
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Academic Partnerships
Teacher Preparation Report
Gainful Employment Disclosures
Student Enrollment
Voter Registration
Completion + Retention Rates
Degree Requirements
Types of Graduate + Professional Education - Please Contact the Career Center
Placement Rates - Please Contact the Career Center
Academic Catalog


Equity in Athletics Disclosure

Financial Aid

Types of Financial Aid  
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How to Apply for Financial Aid  
Financial Aid Applications and Deadlines
Financial Aid Renewal Requirements  
Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements  
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Financial Aid Disbursement Policies  
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Student Loan Entrance and Exit Counseling
     Massachusetts No Interest Loan
     Federal Perkins Loan
     Federal Direct Stafford Loan
     Supplemental Link for Student Loan Entrance And Exit Counseling
Student Loan Information
Student Loan Code of Conduct
Student Employment Opportunities
Cost of Attendance 
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Tuition Refund Policy  
Withdrawal Policy and Procedures
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Study Abroad
Net Price Calculator
OSFS Contact Information  

Health + Safety

Vaccination Requirements
Drug + Alcohol Abuse Prevention
Fire Safety Report
Annual Campus Security Report
Emergency Response + Evacuation