Class of 2017: One Year Out Outcomes

Key Statistics Regarding the One Year Outcomes of the Class of 2017

By one year out...

  • Career Outcomes Rate: 97% of graduates were either working, enrolled in additional education or engaged in military or volunteer service. 83% were employed, 13% were enrolled in further education, and 1% were engaged in military or volunteer service.
  • Employment Rate: 98% of graduates who were seeking employment had found a job.
  • Graduate School Placement Rate: 96% of graduates who were seeking admission to graduate school had been accepted. 58% of these graduates are pursuing a Master degree and 21% are pursuing a Doctorate degree.
  • Geographical Location: Emmanuel graduates are working and studying in 24 states across the US and in eight countries spanning five continents

Detailed Data Tables Regarding One Year Outcomes of Class of 2017

Outcomes Status of Class of 2017 Graduates, By One Year After Graduation

Outcomes StatusNumber%
Number: 301
Percentage: 79.2%
Enrolling in additional education
Number: 64
Percentage: 16.8%
Engaged in military service
Number: 0
Percentage: 0%
Engaged in volunteer service
Number: 5
Percentage: 1.3%
Unemployed and seeking employment
Number: 7
Percentage: 1.8%
Seeking additional education
Number: 3
Percentage: 0.8%
All graduates with known status 380 100%

Data Source

Data is based on 393 traditional Arts and Sciences graduates from the Class of 2017. Emmanuel partnered with GradLeaders to collect outcomes data for the Class of 2017 using The Outcomes Survey ("TOS"). TOS follows standards and protocols (defined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers - "NACE") for the collection and dissemination of graduating student initial career outcomes information for undergraduates. The one-year-out outcomes information reported was collected during the period starting one month prior to graduation up to the period ending 12 months post-graduation.This information is based on an 83% response rate and a 97% knowledge rate to the One-Year-Out Outcomes Survey. This information was gathered directly from Class of 2017 graduates in the form of survey responses, as well as from other sources including social media (e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook) and Emmanuel Staff and Faculty.

One Year Out Outcomes Report Archive

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