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Merck Partnership

Since Merck Research Laboratories-Boston opened its doors on Emmanuel's campus in 2004, students and faculty have benefited from this unique collaboration in a number of ways.

Emmanuel is the only college in the country with a private pharmaceutical research facility right on campus. Merck Research Laboratories-Boston opened its 12-story, 300,000-square-foot facility at Emmanuel in 2004.

The Merck partnership offers the Emmanuel community unique academic opportunities. Merck scientists from the Boston site teach the senior "Drug Discovery" seminar along with Emmanuel faculty, participate in luncheons twice a semester on campus with students and faculty to discuss research and the pharmaceutical industry, collaborate with the College on the Science Seminar Series and serve on the College's Science Advisory Council. Emmanuel students are research interns at Merck and students majoring in biology, chemistry and biochemistry are eligible for Merck Scholarships.