Recycling + Waste

Recycling + Waste

Emmanuel College Boston has made a commitment to recycle more and waste less and rely on our College community to help us with this effort.


Waste is collected from common spaces, offices and dining facilities daily. This is then brought to the main dumpsters for on-demand hauler pickup.


Emmanuel currently operates a source-separated recycling program. This system involves the collection of bottle/cans and paper in separate containers. Our recycling gets collected on Thursday by our hauler.

Below find Emmanuel's recycling tonnage from July 2009 through June 2013. We credit the increased recycling rates on the introduction of additional recycling units as well as increased awareness among the College community.

Commodity (tons)July 2012-June 2013 TOTALS% changeJuly 2011-June 2012 TOTALS% changeJuly 2010-June 2011 TOTALS% changeJuly 2009-June 2010 TOTALS
Beverage Containers 7.14 -27% 9.77 68% 5.83 47% 3.97
Mixed Paper 5.23 -34% 7.89 -13% 9.05 51% 6.00
Cardboard (OCC) 4.93 -25% 6.56 91% 3.44 184% 1.21
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